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Guide #1. What New Sugar Babies Should Know?

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Sugar dating is full of mysteries, temptation, and scams. Whether you can get the admission ticket depends on if you have a clear understanding of the kind of relationship. We think newbies always under-estimate the importance of learning the basic knowledge of sugar culture, this makes them stop from getting a good sugar arrangement. In view of this, we decide to start our Sugar Baby Guide from the simplest theory - the requisite knowledge that new sugar baby should know.

1. Common Sugar Slang Words and their meanings

You may feel a little difficult to communicate with others when you new to sugar dating, because there are some slang words only be used between sugar dating veteran.

  • SB: short for "Sugar Baby" , i.e a young woman who enters into a relationship with a man who provides her with financial support and career guidance..
  • SD: short for "Sugar Daddy" , i.e the older one in a sugar relationship who pays sugar babies money or offer other forms of benefits in exchange for the young women's company.
  • SM: short for "Sugar Momma" , i.e the sugar baby's female paying partenrs, quite similar to sugar daddy.
  • SS:short for "Sugar Sister" , i.e a common call that is used between sugar babies.
  • PPM/PPT/PPD:short for "Pay Per Meet/Pay Per Time/Pay Per Date" , i.e the sugar daddy gives sugar baby a certain amount of money after each date.
  • Allowance: i.e,. The sugar daddy give an "allowance" on a set schedule, like monthly or biweekly.
  • STR:short for "Short Term Relationship" i.e a common form of sugar relationship that will only last for a set amount of time.
  • LTR:short for "Long Term Relationship" i.e a steady sugar relationship that generally lasts long than six monthes.
  • NSA:short for "No Strings Attached" i.e no feelings and emotions involved in the relationship.
  • FWB:short for "Friend With Benefits" i.e quite similar to sugar relationship in which the difference lies in what exchange for.
  • M&G: Short for “Meet and Greet”, usually refers to the first date of SD and SB.
  • POT:Short for "Potential Match" i.e potential sugar daddies or Potential sugar babies you can find
  • SA:Short for "Seeking Arrangement". Usually refers to a sugar daddy dating website.
  • Sugar Bowl or The Bowl:i.e the sugar dating pool or everything about sugar lifestyle.
  • Salt Daddy:i.e a fake sugar daddy
  • Splenda: i.e a term coined by Cindy B. Gilbert to describe a broke man attempting to be a sugar daddy.
  • Arrangement: Negotiated relationship.

2. Types of common sugar arrangement.

Generally speaking, the sugar arrangements are informal contracts that set up mutually beneficial relationships between Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy. Terms are discussed in advance to ensure that everyone involved got a fair deal. According to different daddy and baby's expectations on relationships and date style, they can be divided into four types:

  1. The Traditional Sugar Arrangement. It's the most common type of sugar arrangement. Sugar Baby just needs to spend time with her daddy. The sugar daddy usually takes them on vacation, business trips, to attend formal banquets. Benefits including a weekly/monthly allowance and regular gifts.
  2. The Pay-Per-Meet/short-term Arrangement. Some sugar daddies are often super busy and don't have much time to date a sugar baby regularly. They prefer sugar babies who have flexible schedules so they can occasionally date with them whenever need. In those arrangements, the sugar daddy gives the sugar baby a specified amount per date, the relationships usually only last for a set amount of time.
  3. The Online Arrangement. Some sugar daddies have their wife or girlfriend and do not want to cheat them. In this case, an online arrangement without face to face meetups not only allows them to get some pleasure from other women but also without hurting anyone. All the transactions happened on mobile or PC device.
  4. The Platonic Arrangement. Some sugar daddies just want a romantic relationship that didn't involve any form of sexual interactions. In their mind, this kind of relationship can create a deep feeling of more intimacy than having sex does. A sugar baby for them is more like a friend, a listener, or a witness to their success. Although platonic arrangements aren't common today, once you find and you’ve hit the jackpot!

3. The challenges a sugar baby may face

With the development of the times, the definition and trend of sugar dating are changing as well. Renew knowledge of sugar dating and improve self-conditions to adapt to new environments is the key to sugar success. So are you ready to face the challenges?

  1. The sugar relationship is actually more difficult to find than a traditional one.
    With more and more people joining the bowl, make the sugar bowl is very crowd. Only a few elite sugar babies will possess the coveted prizes. The bad new is that the average sheer ratio of Sugar Babies to Sugar Daddies is eight to one but can go as high as twelve to one.
  2. Usually, find a good sugar arrangement can take months time.
    You’re probably getting a heap of messages in your first month of sugar daddy searching, but most of them are fakers and time wasters. You have to spend a lot of time and effort to learn how to avoid sugar dating scams.
  3. Sugar babies are particularly vulnerable to the hurt caused by discrimination and prejudice. Sugar haters consider that sugar dating is another form of prostitution, and sugar babies are young women who are lazy and dependent. This makes the legality of sugar dating is also questioned.
  4. Straight male sugar daddies and female sugar babies make up a large proportion of sugar daters. This makes make it more difficult for homosexuals to find their matches.
  5. The sugar dating world is full of scammers, fakers, and salt daddies. As with any dating pool, there are always some bad apples in the sugar dating world. What you can do is use your common sense to protect yourself and try hard to avoid scams.

3. Sugar baby rules you should know

As with any other relationship, the sugar relationship has its own rules and regulations
  1. Rule #1. Stick to the agreement. The best part of sugar dating is that everything can be discussed in advance. But once you enter into a relationship, please follow the terms of your agreement.
  2. Rule #2. Respect the other side's privacy. You're under an obligation not to post any information of your daddy to social media newsfeeds or share the details about the arrangment with anyone else.
  3. Rule #3. Be professional.Being a sugar baby is a job, not a one-time deal & You are establishing a relationship with a daddy. Be professional and you will advance much more quickly.
  4. Rule #4. Keep independent. Discretion is the key to dating older, wealthy, powerful men. Remember that no one can't rely on sugar for income all life, no matter how satisfied you with the relationship are, be discrete.

4. Don'ts for being a sugar baby

As a sugar baby, you must always remind yourself to be realistic and treat everything you encounter with caution. This will help ensure your safety while also getting your head in the right place. The following are things you can't do.
  1. Don't use your real name in your sugar daddy search.
  2. Don't have unrealistic expectations.
  3. Don't be greedy, set a reasonable sugar baby allowance.
  4. Don't discuss money immediately, let the SDs make an offer first.
  5. Don't ask extremely personal or intimate questions, sugar daddies are men who valued their privacy very much.
  6. Don't quit your present job unless you had prepared enough.
  7. Don't rely on sugar for income, otherwise you will fall into a passive position.
  8. Don't send anything to those guys who requested your nudes, most of them are fakers.
  9. Don't take rejection personally, it just means the sugar daddy is looking for something a little different.
  10. Don't arrange the first date at a private place.
  11. Don't put too much emotion into the relationship.
  12. Don't have unprotected sex.
  13. Don't squander your sugar baby allowance.

5. The sugar daddy's expectations?

People always think sugar daddies are men who are old and unattractive. In fact, it's a misconception that far from the truth. Today, with a large number of young and charming generous gentlemen join the bowl, the sugar dating is not exclusive to old rich men. Correspondingly, the newcomers have a higher expectation on their sugar babies.

You know, becoming a sugar baby is more than just good looks, you also need to have an elegant temperament. Though men are very visually oriented, a woman with grace and charisma is easier to stand from the crowd.

Most daddies want to build a relationship on their terms and keep the relationship under control. They expect their baby to follow the rules of agreement and make them nice company when needed.

Of course, no one would like to make a high offer to a sugar baby they’ve never physically touch. Sexual interaction with attractive young women is the most primitive desire that drove them to jump into sugar dating.

*If you want to make potential sugar daddies have a strong desire to date you again, asking yourself these questions:

  • Have you given him reasons to contact you?
  • How are you different than the next SB?
  • Why would he like to be your sugar daddy?
  • What do you offer that would make his life more enjoyable?
  • What do you plan to bring his life?

To conclude

If you happen to be a new sugar baby, then you may be feeling a little stuck. But no fear! We compiled this guide to provide newbies with the information necessary. Learn about them and make a foundation for your future sugar success.