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Guide #10. What is A Sugar Daddy?

Lastest update: :Nov 21, 2020       32,357      Michael Ryan


The male partner of a sugar baby is known as a sugar daddy. Some females look for sugar girls and sugar boys known as a sugar momma. Normally, sugar daddies are often financially stable and mature older or middle-aged men that are divorced, single, married or widowers. They often use gifts and money to get asexual or sexual companionship from sugar babies.

There are four levels of sugar daddies. 1. Honey Daddy is the best type of sugar daddy you can get. He is a high earner or a very rich businessman and can easily have many sugar babies that he can spoil silly with cash and gifts without feeling it. 2. Just below the honey daddy is the sugar daddy whose funds are limited and thus prefers to pay on a monthly or weekly basis. 3. Splenda Daddy offers a small amount of allowances and gifts because they have limited income. 4. Salt daddy does not provide any allowances and gifts, but only wins the trust of sugar baby by deception.


A major feature of successful people is that they know exactly what they want. They are purpose-driven and sometimes want the company of an attractive lady. They are rich and willing to spend on their sugar babies. Once they acquire a sugar baby, they are known as sugar daddies. There are also very busy and rich single men who have not had the opportunity to build a relationship due to their busy nature. Thus, they opt for getting a sugar baby to meet their companionship and sexual needs.

Even though the exact time sugar dating started is not documented, it seemed certain that sugar dating started in the USA. This is further buttressed by the fact that the USA currently has the highest number of sugar babies and sugar daddies across the world. However, the UK, Australia, and Canada have also experienced rapid development of sugar dating. Normally, sugar daddies are older than their sugar babies.

Based on statistics, 45 years is the average age of sugar daddies and they usually have an average income of $213,500 or £176,000. On the other hand, 25 years is the average age for sugar babies and they make an average of $29,600 or £20,930 yearly. Sugar babies are much more than sugar daddies as there is a 4:1 ratio for a sugar baby to a sugar daddy. The implication is that sugar daddies have more choices. Despite the controversial nature of sugar dating, it is legal to sugar date.

Sugar Daddy Talk About Sugar

sugar baby talk about sugar dating "I have always been fascinated by women of Asian descent. Through sugar arrangements, I found my Asian sugar baby. She is gentle, beautiful and has a certain business mind. She accompanies me and gives me some good business advice. I am very glad to find such a perfect sugar baby!"

sugar baby talk about sugar dating "I have three jobs and earn half a million dollars a year. But I really hate being quiet looking at the empty room every night when I go back home. Through sugar daddy dating site, I met Vivian (my sugar baby), who accompanied me through the most lonely time. I enjoy every date with her. "

sugar baby talk about sugar dating "For most young women, I'm too old and unattractive. But through sugar arrangements, I can get a lot of young and beautiful sugar babies to accompany me, and it feels really great! Of course, I would be happy to offer them a generous monthly allowance in return."

sugar baby talk about sugar dating "I am a married person. Sometimes I wanted to get some pleasure, but I did not want to lose my wife. The only thing I wanted was a "webcam relationship", which satisfies my desire enough. Through sugar arrangements, I found an online sugar baby who brings me a lot of happiness. "