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Guide #7. The First Date Tips for Sugar Babies

Lastest update: :Nov 23, 2020       21450      Michael Ryan

sugar baby and sugar daddy on their first date

The importance of the first date cannot be overestimated. Why? Because it directly decided whether a potential sugar relationship can be established or not. Maybe you have made a great effort to find an ideal POT sugar daddy who also shows a great interest in entering into a relationship with you. But if you screw up the first date, all your previous efforts are in vain. Given the first sugar date's importance and a lot of newbie sugar baby's lack of experience of it, we write a separate article to introduce the related tips, read them carefully if you want to get a good arrangment through a perfect first sugar date!

1. The goals of the first date you need to accomplish

  1. Give daddy a clear impression of who you really are. In a real-life dating, there’s no sense in trying to hide anything. You need to be honest while also presenting in the best light. High heels, impeccable hair and makeup are basic to the date, but the more important thing is to keep confident.
  2. Testing chemistry through the first date. After the first date, you'd better make clear these questions: What type of man is he? How do you feel about him? Do you like him? Also, you can imagine you already enter into a relationship with him, ask yourself: Do I feel comfortable with the relationship?
  3. Building a certain level of trust.Besides the personal information that involves your privacy, you’d better answer daddy's questions truthfully. This will help you to impress him with your honesty and trustworthiness. They want to know whether they can trust you or not, that's one of the reasons why they come to the first date.
  4. Get as much information as possible about your POT sugar daddy. If you want to have a successful relationship, you need to know your partner first. His background, expectations, and preference are important information that can help you to take effective measures to meet daddy's dating need.
  5. Reiterate each party's expectations. Maybe you have discussed this issue through the previous online communications, but it's still necessary to explain the expectations of you two on the first date again; in order to avoid any potential misunderstandings and clarify each party's rights and obligations in the relationship.
  6. Get yourself an ideal sugar arrangement. It is certain that the ultimate goal of the first sugar date is to get yourself an ideal sugar arrangement. Before you decide to begin a relationship with the POT sugar daddy, make sure you have considered all the important stuff.

2. Where and when you can meet?

After full exchanges and communication online, if you feel comfortable with the potential sugar relationship, you can arrange the first real-life date with the sugar daddy. Safety is an important factor that should be taken into consideration on your first date, so the location of the first date should be select carefully. Try to convince your sugar daddy to meet you at a public place, such as a nearby restaurant or a little cafe downtown. Don’t stay too long or share any personal details about your life on your first date in the sugar dating arrangement. You should refuse to meet anyone who is just looking to score right away on the first date.

3. The First Date Idea

  • A dinner date. A dinner date. The purpose of the first date is to test chemistry, reiterate each other's expectations, and build trust, etc. Therefore, a simple four-hour dinner date is totally enough to complete all the goals.
  • A shopping date. It is a good first date idea that many generous sugar daddies often make use of. Through buying you some gifts to lighten the atmosphere is really a smart move that will greatly avoid embarrassment and make your feel more relaxed on the date. But, if you're not ready to enter into a relationship with him, you'd better not accept costly or more personal gifts.

4. How should you behave on the first sugar date?

If you want to make a good impression on your POT sugar daddy on the first date, then you need to strict with your behavior and avoid these little gestures that may lead to daddy‘s boring. Below is some personal advice for you:
  • Speak less, and listen more. When you don't know what to say, just listen. Let the sugar daddy lead the first date. The less you speak, the fewer mistakes you can take.
  • Keep smile. All the while, please smile often and maintain eye contact. It gives a good sense of your confidence, making it clear that you're open about your feelings to him. Keep in mind that successful men usually prefer confident sugar babies who are trustworthy.
  • Like a lady. Being ladylike doesn't mean being girly, weak, and submissive - you must show intelligence, inner strength, and impeccable manners. Your elegance should show in the confident and purposeful way you carry yourself.

5. Frankly discuss the money issue

The discussion of the money issue can produce some nerves and fears for the many newbies, but it's also an important object that is unable to avoid on the first date. After all, benefits are most sugar babies’ key concern. When you discuss the payment condition with the POT sugar daddy, consider the following:

  1. Avoid discussing money before you make clear his expectations.
  2. Just be patient, in most cases, the sugar daddy will be the person who mentions the topic first.
  3. Frankly discuss the payment condition, let the daddy know eaxcly how much you want and when you want to receive payment.
  4. Be realistic but not too business-like, make the daddy feel you are making an effort to build a relationship with him.

6. Sugar Baby Dos on The First Date.

  • Regardless of if you’re an experienced sugar baby or someone who is new to this kind of relationship, it's always a good idea to takes some preparation for a first sugar date.
  • Ensure you accomplish the major goals of the first date that we mentioned above, lay down a better foundation of your relationship.
  • Go home yourself, leave him wanting more after your first date
  • Be real with on your first sugar date and be open about your feelings to sugar daddy

7. Sugar Baby Don'ts on The First Date.

  • Don't behave weird and ask some strange questions.
  • Don't ask daddy to pay your money for the first date.
  • Don't fake and get smart with the sugar daddy.
  • Don’t share some personal details about your life.
  • Don't meet the daddy at a private place.

To conclude

In fact, if a sugar daddy looks forward to meeting you in the real-life, it indicates that he is really interested in you. So there is no need to be nervous about the first sugar date, you just need to act like you used to do. Remember our tips and advice, keep your options open and everything will fall into place.