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Ex-Sugar Babies share their Stories of being A Sugar Baby

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sugar babies share her story of staying with a sugar daddy

Sugar relationships are mutually beneficial relationships; ideally, it's a win-win situation for both sugar baby and sugar dad. Maybe you've heard some exciting sugar baby stories before which make you look forward to the sugar bowl. But do you know real sugar baby stories may be even more bizarre! Think about it carefully; a young sugar baby and an older sugar daddy usually come from different social strata and have entirely different world outlook, on both life and values.

If it weren't for sugar arrangements, it's hard to imagine the connection between the two, and most encounter would be full of contingency and drama. How do sugar daddies and sugar babies get along? What contradictions do they have together? What are the similarities between them? To answer these questions, it's best to let the babies speak for themselves; therefore, we have compiled real-life experiences from real sugar babies.

1. Susan: my real Story of being an online sugar baby

From / Susan778

How to be a sugar baby“My name is Susan, a 23-year-old girl from Philadelphia. Majority of people, probably even you, think that being a sugar baby is the same as being a prostitute. However, this perception is usually wrong, and once you get to hear my experience with a sugar daddy, you will change your attitude on having a sugar daddy.

I've always resisted having sex with strangers, so whenever my friends tell me that being a sugar baby can make a lot of money, I have always seemed indifferent. Until... seven months ago, I had just lost my job and all my savings, I seemed to have no choice but to find myself a sugar daddy.

At first, I didn't want to get into the sugar bowl, but I just tried to search for some men who I found interesting on sugar daddy dating sites. But when these men started making sexual advancements towards me, I always ended the conversation as quickly as possible.

For the first two weeks, I was unsuccessful. Suddenly one day, out of the blues, a man sent me a message asking me to send him my naked pictures. At first, I was angry, since this was an unreasonable request and I instinctively thought he was a scammer. But when I looked at his profile, I was surprised to find that the man had spent $50 a month to subscribe to Sugar Daddy Meet to find a sugar baby for the past two years. How can a cheater spend so much money on a website? Finally, I decided to send my photo to him, but he didn't say a word to me again.

Three days later, he sent another message explaining that the sudden disappearance of the day was due to his wife's return home. Then he transferred $100 to my PayPal account for my photos. He told me that he was a man who had been married for 13 years. He lived from nine to five every day and almost always accompanied his wife and children after work, and this life had started to bore him. Two years ago, his friends recommended the sugar daddy dating website to him and told him that he could find some fun here. So, he started spending money to get different sugar babies to send him photos or videos, but he was not interested in a real relationship, because he didn't want to betray his wife. According to him, interacting online sometimes provides a feeling of more intimacy than face to face meetups do. And he won't feel guilty about it, because he thinks this is not cheating at all!

That's great! I told myself, isn't this sugar daddy precisely what I'm looking for?. So, I agreed to offer him some online services. These included video chatting with him twice a week. He usually paid 200 dollars each time, although this didn’t look like enough, I was satisfied as a start. I dressed up some sexy clothes in front of the camera according to his requirements, such as black stockings or tights. My hair had to be tied up, and I had to wear as little make-up as possible. Besides, he occasionally asked me to send him some naked photos but without my face, which would be paid extra.

Through this experience, I was surprised to find that there are many kinds of sugar daddies on the website, who were either too busy or too shy to date with a sugar baby. So, they had the idea of finding sugar babies online. These men are often called online sugar daddies.

To attract attention from more online sugar daddies, I changed my headline on the website to online-only sugar baby, and it worked. Over the next few weeks, I succeeded in getting several new customers. I arranged my work according to their time, which has made me very busy. Fortunately, I don't have to go out of the house. So, without having sex with any man, I've earned more than $20,000 over the past six months.

This has been probably one of my favorite jobs,I have had complete control over whoever I have worked with. If one started to become rude, I could end the arrangement. Most of my clients were very kind and interested in getting to know me more and my personality. Despite my hard rule of not showing my face and other safety measures, a lot of guys would open up to me, tell me about their life, and send nonsexual pictures of themselves. Of course, you occasionally have bad eggs. But as an online sugar baby, you never have to worry about your safety.”

2. Audrey: Falling in Love with My Sugar Daddy - This is my sugar baby story

From / Audrey

How to be a sugar baby“My name is Audrey, a 21 years old, Korean girl studying in the United States. My grandfather is Chinese, so I have one in four Chinese ancestries. I come from a very wealthy family, and my father runs a factory and business is good. However, the money my mother gives me every month doesn't meet all my needs. I am a girl who enjoys beauty, and I love shopping and dressing up. You know, girls like us usually spend a lot of money to maintain our lifestyle.

To get financial support, I thought of finding a rich sugar daddy for myself. First, I don't have a boyfriend. Second, I've always been interested in tall, handsome white men. It was hard for me to predict if I would be successful, but I was hoping to meet someone who has both money and charm.

With everything ready, I started searching for some potential sugar daddies on sugar daddy dating sites. Perhaps because Asian sugar babies are rare, my appearance immediately attracted the attention of many sugar daddies. They all wanted to date me, but to adapt to a strange man faster, I chose a sugar daddy from Asia as my first offline date.

This Asian sugar daddy is a very wealthy and generous businessman. He drives me to fancy restaurants for dinner in his expensive sports car. Everything seems good, but I can't stand his arrogance because I can feel his contempt for women from his talk. In his opinion, money appears to solve all problems, so it's clear that such a man is not my dish. After dinner, I refused to go to his house with him, took a taxi home, and he did not send me any more information. As no agreement was reached, I didn't get any compensation from the appointment.

My second date was a financial worker from New York named Johnny. Honestly, this man's appearance is not my type, but he told me that he would deposit $6,000 into my account every month, as well as lavishing me with expensive gifts and luxury holidays. I decided to meet him finally. As before, we had a platonic meetup. He said he didn't like the word “spoil" because it was full of disrespect for women. He wanted me to treat him as a boyfriend. Because of his sincerity, I finally decided to accept his arrangement, even though he wasn’t very handsome.

A young girl dating an older man for money may seem weird at first, but once you understand such a man, you will be overwhelmed by their maturity and generosity. In particular, Johnny is a hilarious man. Every time I dated him, he always made me laugh with his jokes. And after every date, I'm always looking forward to meeting him next time.

He often sends me messages, tells me that he misses me very much just like a boyfriend, and remind me to take care of myself. I throw my troubles out when I’m with him, and he can always find some good ways to enlighten me. Unlike other sugar daddies, Johnny always surprises me by giving me something when I least expect it. He can see through people's hearts and always knows what gifts I want most. He is a real gentleman who knows how to create a romantic atmosphere and how to make me feel relax and comfortable.

After I met him, I don't have to worry about money nowadays, and I live the life I want. In more than eight months, he spent almost $100,000 for me, which made me feel greedy. Gradually I became accustomed to Johnny's care and consideration. Sometimes I even thought that I could not leave this man. However, he always reminded me that if I got tired of being with him one day, I could leave him at any time. I know what he said was not out of not care for me, but out of respect for me.

I enjoyed the moment when we hugged each other after we had sex, he always told me gently that he liked my yellow skin and black eyes. God! Can you believe that we don't even know each other's real names? Although we all know that this relationship cannot last, we all cherish the time together. I do not know whether it is true love, but I'm grateful for everything he has provided me with. Maybe one day I will indeed leave Johnny, but I will genuinely miss him forever.”