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Guide #9. Sugar Baby Saftey Tips - Avoid Sugar Daddy Scams and Protect Yourself

Lastest update: :Nov 22, 2020       21023      Michael Ryan

As with any dating pool, there are always some bad apples in the sugar dating world. So it's almost impossible to avoid encountering some fakers, timewasters, and salt daddies in your sugar daddy search. However, as long as you have learned about some sugar dating safety tips, you can easily spot the fake ones and avoid most sugar dating scams.

1. Typice sugar dating scams introduction

  1. The Date Place Scam. Some fake sugar daddies will invite you to meet them at a private place, on the pretext of protecting their personal privacy. If you refuse, they may promise you a high offer, then try to convince you that he has a great place to hold the date. But be awake! These men usually have some ulterior motive. A genius sugar daddy knows POT sugar baby's worries, and wouldn't be asking her to meet him at a private place. You can frankly tell him what you're worried about and let him visit you.
  2. The Nude Photos Scam. It is nearly the most common scam in the online dating world. A man who usually acts like a rich and generous sugar daddy, claiming that he is very interested in you and wants you to send him some of your nude photos. He may make a high offer to make you think, “but what if it is real? It’s got to be worth sending him a few private photos to find out.” Don't believe this crap! They are typical Salt sugar daddies. Whenever you meet such guys, just block them without hesitation.
  3. The Beggar Scam. It's an old trick used again and again in the sugar dating world. The scammer often pretends to be a rich sugar daddy who treats you with kindness and generosity. After earning your trust through a period of online communication, they begin to ask you for help by many excuses, such as “needs cash for working capital”, "unfamiliar with the online transfer", or "buy you gifts in exchange for some cash", etc. Be careful, it is just a carefully prepared scam for you. Remember that a real sugar daddy would not need any financial help, even if they in financial trouble, they'll never beg for a sugar baby.
  4. The phishing Scam. In some cases, the scammer would not ask you for financial help directly, but what he wants is your personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and any kind of explicit personal detail. Then the information usually is being used for blackmailing you and your family. So, you should stay alert in your sugar daddy search, don't post personal info online, don't respond to any suspicious emails, and narrow who can see your dating profile, that's the best advice I can possibly give.
must have some ulterior motive for being nice to me ─ what does she really want

2. Signs that show the man might be a scammer

In fact, if you can recognize the suspicious signs in front of you early on, you totally can avoid a lot of sugar daddy dating scams.
  1. Use a fake avatar and a copying bio. The scammers usually use a fake photo as their dating avatar, also their bio is copied from other users. If you carefully check every detail of their profile or search their pics on Google, it's not hard to spot the scammers.
  2. Use a new account with a very short premium membership history. Because of being banned or blocked frequently, the scammers have to register for a new account repeatedly, this makes them look like newcomers. Another reason is that they need a separate new account to hide their real identity.
  3. Without income verified. If a sugar daddy is really rich as he claims, why doesn't he get his income verified? It's is a good way to prove to sugar baby his real financial situation. He might be telling the truth, but seeing is believing, I always say.
  4. Make an offer higher than the average without any reason. The sugar bowl is no shortage of attractive women. As you know, the situation is advantageous for a Sugar Daddy to find his match. So unless there are any special reasons, the real sugar daddies will never pay a higher price for a regular sugar date.
  5. Ask you to send them your nude photos without pay. In most cases, the real sugar daddy will pay for everything they want in a sugar relationship. Only the fake daddies always try to take advantage of you. One thing is for certain: the man who asks for free nudes from you wouldn't spend too much on sugar dating.
  6. Try to extract personal information out of you. A lot of young women choose sugar dating because they value privacy. Except for they have some ulterior motive, I can't give a reasonable explanation for the reason why a sugar daddy always wants to know your account details, social security number, or any kind of explicit personal detail.
  7. Convince you to take the conversation off the current dating site. He's always griping about the current dating site's deficiency, try to let you believe that there is another platform that is more suited for discussing a sugar arrangement. You'll be cheated if you don't watch out.
  8. Want you to meet him at a private place. In principle, sugar daddy should try hard to address the potential sugar baby‘s security concerns of the first few dates, instead of arranging the date at a private place. So if you meet a sugar daddy who asks you to meet him at a private place, you'd better stay away from him.
  9. Contact you for more than a month. Real daddies value efficiency and dislike wasting time. They rarely even try to contact you for a few weeks because they know their messages can sometimes get lost amongst all your other incoming messages.

3. Measures to avoid fake sugar daddy

  1. Check his profile carefully. The registration time, membership history, location, photos, self-description, etc. The fake profiles always exist some irrationality. Beware the early signs in front of you. As noted above, there are plenty of signs to identify fake daddies.
  2. Do a background check on your POT Sugar Daddy. If you decide to meet a POT Sugar Daddy in the real life, you'd better do a background check on him. The primary point of the background check is: Does he have any criminal record? Does his a good credit history? Is his income real?
  3. Be careful of the suspicious signs in front of you. If you happen to encounter a fake sugar daddy, there must be some suspicious signs in front of you. Be careful of these little details, you can easily recognize a sugar daddy dating scam.
  4. Dates sugar daddy several times then decides on the relationship. Before you decide to enter into a relationship with a potential sugar daddy, you can date him several times until you ensure that he is trustworthy and your situation is safe.
  5. Keep independence in the sugar relationship. If you rely on sugar for income, then you are guided by your sugar daddy. Anytime, a sugar baby should avoid needing her sugar daddy too much.
  6. Never make any kind of deposit or purchase for sugar daddies. In most cases, the ultimate aim of the scammer is to get more money. So if you can stick to this bottom line and never transfer any money to a daddy, you can maximumly avoid getting scammed.
  7. Don’t share your personal information with any POT sugar daddy. Protect your personal information well so that the scammer can't do anything to hurt you.
  8. Arrange the first few dates at a public place. If a POT sugar daddy asks you to meet him at a private place, then you can politely decline. It's not considered impolite at all, the real sugar daddy can understand your concern.
  9. Avoid falling in love with a sugar daddy. It’s natural to develop romantic feelings for a sugar daddy, but you need to keep this situation under control, otherwise, you can easily be pushed around and end up on a dirt path.
  10. Don't be shy to ask for assistance. If you find yourself in a bad situation where you may be a victim of a sugar daddy dating scam, why not seeking advice from experienced sugar babies around you or ask for help from sugar baby online communities?
  11. Learn about sugar baby safety tips. The deception used by the scammers emerges one after another. Instead of regret for being cheated, early prevention is the greatest wisdom. Keep learning the newest sugar baby safety tips, let the scammers stay away from you.

To conclude

The sugar bowl is the prime hunting ground for scammers, who know that most sugar babies are young women with shallow social experience. Under this circumstance, you must be more cautious. Everything to ask a few why: Why is he being so nice to me? Why is he make an offer higher than average? Why is his conversation sounds a bit odd? When you are in suspicious circumstances, try to Recall from our sugar baby safety tips. Anyway, keep in mind that safety is should be your number one.