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Guide #6. Sugar Baby Rules in 3 Stages of A Relationship

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The sugar relationship is established based on an informal agreement between sugar baby and daddy. This kind of relationship is more transactional and less stable than a traditional one. To regulate the dating and solidify the terms of the relationship, there are some unwritten rules that sugar babies and daddies need to follow. If you also want to become a professional sugar baby, please learn to follow these rules.

1. Sugar baby rules (In the stage of searching a sugar daddy)

  1. Rule #1. Be patient. Finding a sugar daddy is a stage by stage process that can take a lot of time because you are going to build a relationship with someone who is rich and powerful. Consider the sheer ratio of Sugar Babies to Sugar Daddies is huge, you need at least one to three months to find the right sugar daddy. So, keep your patience in your sugar daddy search is an important rule that needs to follow.
  2. Rule #2. Be honest. Be honest. Most sugar daddies are experienced men who have the ability to recognize obvious lies. There is no sense in getting smart with them, you are too young. Directly tells them who you are and what you want. Make him feel that you are a trustworthy sugar baby.
  3. Rule #3. Stay realistic. Be straightforward. Most rich sugar daddies are usually value efficiency and dislike wasting time. When you communicate with them, you should be straightforward about your needs and expectations, let them know exactly what you expect in terms of allowance, vacations, dating frequency, relationship limits, etc.
  4. Rule #4. Stay awake. Like other dating scenes, there are always some bad guys in the sugar bowl. Also, you're probably getting a heap of messages from fake daddies. As a sugar baby, you need to be able to identify traps and salt daddies. Stay awake and learn about how to recognize the early signs will help you avoid a lot of sugar daddy dating scams.
  5. Rule #5. Control your desires. Usually, the benefits you get from a sugar reltionship will go far beyond the initial terms of your agreement, but if your demand is too high, no one willing to be your paying partner. Quick success, often nothing. So keep your expectations realistic and don't be greedy.
  6. Rule #6. Keep learning. Sugar dating is full of opportunities and anybody can give it a try. But if you know very little about it, then you are unlikely to get a good arrangement. Learn sugar dating culture will make up for your lack of experience and get your head in the right place.

2. Sugar baby rules (In the stage of formal dating)

  1. Rule #1. Stick to your agreement. If you expect your sugar daddy to pay you the money on time and treat you well, then you should stick to your agreement first. Note that a last-minute cancellation, often late for the date, and change the terms of the existing arrangement are not good practices and should be avoided.
  2. Rule #2. Being a sugar baby of principle. Sugar dating is full of temptation and desires, this makes it easy for a sugar baby to lose herself. Sometimes, your sugar daddy may make a high offer to let you do somethings (having unprotected sex, share nude photos, etc) that violate your principle, don't accept compromises easily. You should keep in mind that most practices that sacrifice long-term interests for immediate short-term interests are not wise.
  3. Rule #3. Stay low key. “Play it safe, cover your ass and keep your head down” is the key to dating rich and successful sugar daddies. As you know, these men usually value privacy very much and they don't want their baby to share the details of their relationship with anyone else. So if you want to be a sugar baby who has a long and bright future, keep in mind to always stay low-key.
  4. Rule #4. Keep independent. For many sugar babies, it’s natural to create feelings of dependency on a sugar daddy who spoils her as his daughter. But you must understand an important truth: a sugar relationship can end at any time. So keep independent in the relationship is just the right way to get along with a sugar daddy. It’s wise to avoid being 100 percent reliant on anyone.
  5. Rule #5. Keep your emotions. There is a possibility that you will fall in love with your sugar daddy, especially if you happen to meet a younger and charming one. However, adding romantic feelings into a sugar relationship can make things get messy. This is because most rich men choose to become a daddy is not for love. They are free to change the partners, even date several girls at once, can leave you without any warning. So, no matter who you meet, please try your hard to keep your emotions under control.
  6. Rule #6. Start savings. Most sugar babies rely upon youth and good looks in attracting rich sugar daddies. This decided that you can't rely on sugar for income all life. So don't squander your sugar baby allowance and start regular savings just in case the sugar daddy who offers you financial support leaves you suddenly.

3. Sugar baby rules (In the the stage after the Relationship Ends)

  1. Rule #1. Give advance notice if you want to move on separately. Many sugar relationships usually last short than six months, so the ending of a sugar relationship comes up sooner or later. However, no matter you want to take an early exit or you tend to continue the relationship, you should let your daddy know what you think in advance. This is not only a polite way to end a relationship that you have ever benefit from it but also an unwritten rule of the sugar dating.
  2. Rule #2. Delete personal information that involved daddy's privacy in your collection. During the whole relationship, you may collect some personal information that involved with daddy's privacy, such as videos, photos, chat history, and transfer records, etc. As a common sugar baby rule, you're under an obligation to delete them all. Any practices that leak the privacy of your sugar daddy are immoral.
  3. Rule #3. Avoid being intertwined in daddy's life again. Rule #3. Avoid being intertwined in daddy's life again. If you still emotionally attached to your former sugar daddy after your relationship ends, you'd better let these feelings remain in your heart. Once you decide to move on separately, you should be firmly determined to leave the daddy's life. In most cases, sugar relationships are no strings attached, in other words, as far as your relationship goes, you're not committed to each other in any way.
  4. Rule #4. Outlining a plan B is necessary. Smart sugar babies know that they can't count on never-ending financial support from their sugar daddy, so they always plan their future. On the day your sugar relationship ends, I hope you have prepared a perfect exit plan. Make saving money a habit, find an additional source of income, or learn new job skills are all pretty good advice. Outline a plan B, the earlier, the better.

To conclude

Although each sugar relationship has more or less difference, there are basic aspects that are comparable. Once you grasp the key point of the sugar baby rules and flexibly use them in your dating practice, the sugar relationship is not hard to navigate at all.