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Is it legal to be a sugar baby? The Legality of Sugar Baby Dating

Lastest update: :Nov 18, 2020       18,221      Michael Ryan

Is it legal to be a sugar baby?

A lot of people feel sugar baby is not legal due to the debate regarding if sugar baby is the same as prostitution or not. Even though sugar baby and prostitution are done for financial benefits and money, sugar relationship is very much different from prostitution and escort. The differences are discussed subsequently.

Relationship Versus Transaction

  • As opposed to transactions that happen in prostitution, a sugar baby is a relationship where the sugar baby is pampered and taken on dates. The sugar daddy is regarded as the romantic partner of the sugar baby.
  • A prostitute, on the other hand, attends to customers who just have sex with them, pay them, their contract expires and there is nothing else between them.

Different Scene for Dating

  • When sugar dating, your sugar daddy can take you to vacations, social events, and dinners. Money is just one of the benefits but not the main benefit.
  • For prostitutes, their male partner only has sex with them and nothing else. This business is strictly restricted to the bedroom

Varying Status

  • When you are a sugar baby, you get the right to choose who your sugar daddy will be and what sort of relationship you want with them. You might even rule out sex from the relationship or quit when you want to.
  • When you are a prostitute, you can’t choose who to have sex with. Irrespective of social status and age, once they are willing to pay your price, they can have sex with you, making the prostitute the passive party.

Varying Benefits

  • It is possible to get help, guidance, luxury holidays, gifts, and cash as a sugar baby from your sugar daddies. If you are lucky to find a single sugar daddy and both of you get to love each other, they might marry you. There are a lot of examples where sugar dating led to marriage.
  • Prostitution is strictly business. They pay for their wants and leave after that. Prostitutes only get money and nothing else.

Targets vary

  • Sugar babies join mostly because they way to pay their student loan, get shopping loans or need help with pursuing their dreams. They are mostly potential stars, career elites or college students. Their reason for becoming a sugar baby is not limited to money.
  • Prostitutes only have sex with men for money in most cases. They are not willing to work nor do they have professional skills. They could also be lazy making prostitution their only option.


Based on the comparison above, it is safe to say that sugar babies are very much different from prostitutes. Thus, being a sugar baby is legal.