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Guide #5. How to Set Up A Sugar Arrangement - The Main Considerations

Lastest update: :Nov 25, 2020       22548      Michael Ryan

Usually, sugar daddy and sugar baby will negotiate a contract to set the rules of their arrangement before they enter into a relationship; This is a necessary step that can make sure everyone involved in the relationship fulfill obligations and enjoy benefits. However, many newbies don't know how to discuss with sugar daddy the details of the mutually beneficial arrangement. Here we will show you some useful tips to help you to gain more profits and avoid many disputes and misunderstandings.

1. Be Smart to Start the First Conversation

Necessary conventional greetings would shorten the distance between two people to bring them close to each other. So the experienced sugar babies usually avoid discussing any details of the arrangement until they have a fascinating first conversation with POT Sugar Daddies.

A polite "nice to meet you" will not bring a rough rejection to you, so don't be shy to become the person who breaks the ice first. On the contrary, according to whether they reply or not, you can shortlist the active sugar daddies in a very short time.

A little casual question related to the POT sugar daddy's life can be a great opening line, such as:
  1. "Hi, there! I found you live in New York, it's really a great city, hope I can visit there someday, are you interested in my hometown?"
  2. "Hi, there! It was great to read that you like skiing too, I am planning to my next ski trip, do you have any suggestions to share?"

They are great statements because:
  1. They are casual and normal at first glance, but can greatly avoid embarrassment and will get a positive response.
  2. You actually tell him that you are sincere in looking for a date because you’ve read his profile carefully and want to further know about him.
  3. A simple question can introduce a topic for further communication.

Try to personalize your messages, as you know, the rich sugar daddies are probably getting a heap of messages from other sugar babies at the same time. Use an intriguing topic to awake his interest, instead of “wink” or “intrigue” them.

Just keep your own style, don't try to cater to sugar daddies meticulously, otherwise, it will just make you one of the crowd. Don't ask very personal questions that will cause offense to the POT sugar daddie.

* After you achieved some major goals below through the initial conversations, we can move on to the next step - Setting up a sugar arrangement.
  • Get to know each other better.
  • Discover that you have interests in common
  • Explain your expectations and limits
  • Make clear about daddy's specific expectations.
  • Explore the possibility of making an agreement.

2. Outline a specific, mutually beneficial arrangement.

Actually, a sugar agreement is not tough to make, if you have a good negotiation strategy. The key to address this issue is to put all your cards on the table, in other words, you should discuss each term of the relationship well in advance, the more specific the better. Don't be afraid to discuss the demands even if they are too high: let the daddy understand how much they will cost.

1. Prepare what your limits. If you are going to negotiate with a sugar daddy, you have to set your boundaries of the relationship in advance, so that you know what you are willing and not willing to accept. Some major considerations as below:
What's the age limit of your sugar daddy?
What's the lowest price for you to accept an sugar arrangement?
Which types of arrangements do you accept or not accept?
Can you accept a sugar relationship that involves sex?
Can you accept unprotected sex?
Can you accept special sexual ways?
Meet him at a private place or not?
Go abroad with him or not?
Appear in public with him or not?
Exclusively dating each other or not?
Keep the relationship private or not?

2. make clear about daddy's expectations of the relationship. To get benefits from a sugar relationship, you have to meet daddy's expectations first. Here we have included some typical dating needs of sugar daddies:
How much is he ready to pay?
What type of arrangement does he want?
Where does he want to usually meet?
How often does he want to date?
how many hours each date will take?
How does he pay for the allowance?
Does the relationship involves sex or not?
Is it an exclusive sugar arrangement?
Is it necessary to go abroad?
How long will the relationship last?
Does he want to keep the relationship private?
Are there any other special dating needs?

3. Set your sugar baby allowance rules. Different types of sugar arrangements will provide you with different forms of material benefits. So you should set specific rules to ensure you can really get benefits from the relationship. Consider the following:
How much allowance do you get paid? (Refer to the sugar baby allowance guide)
How do you get paid? PPM or Monthly pay
What's the specific form of the benefits? Cash, transfer, gifts, paying your bills, free trips, a job offer, business support, valuable guidance, and others.
When do you get paid? on a set schedule or according to the needs of sugar daddy
Except regular allowance, are there any extra benefits?

To conclude

Try your best to avoid unwanted surprises and potential misunderstandings is the key to setting up a mutually beneficial arrangement. So you have to consider all the details of dating in advance and don't be afraid to discuss them with your daddy. Only you make a specific agreement about the relationship can you know exactly what your obligations are and really benefit from it. To become a sugar baby, you need to be able to negotiate. This article is a good negotiation strategy just for you.