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7 tips to improve your chances of getting a sugar daddy by 500%

Lastest update: :Nov 29, 2020       22,367      Michael Ryan

7 tips to improve your chances of getting a sugar daddy by 500% It is sometimes not easy to find a sugar daddy. This is considering that a sugar relationship can be more difficult when compared to the traditional relationship. Successfully finding a sugar daddy entails marketing yourself, persistence and some luck.

The following are some tips that created based on information gotten from dating experts and ex-sugar babies. If you’re a beginner, please go through the article carefully as the tips and tricks are going to improve your chances of getting a sugar daddy by 500%.

1. Get ready for entering into a sugar relationship

Over 80 percent of young ladies are not getting ready to become a sugar baby. They just try to opt-in because of curiosity or financial issues without first knowing exactly what it means to be sugar dating. Thus, when they encounter problems, they are often lost on the best way to address such problems. You should not be quick to conclude bad luck is the reason for your inability to finding a sugar daddy. Proper planning produces much more result than just good luck.

  1. Be clear about what your expections are
    Have ever ask yourself questions like "Why do I want a sugar lifestyle?","Do the advantages of being a sugar baby overweigh the disadvantages?" If you are unclear about why you join the sugar bowl, you also aren't going to go very far. Just because you find older men like sugar daddies hot or you are badly in need of financial support, doesn’t mean this kind of lifestyle is the right for you. A sugar baby not only get benefits from sugar relationships but also gives her time and body instead. Before you enter into a sugar relationship, you have to make tough, but necessary, judgments about
  2. Insist on your belief of sugar success.
    To get an ideal sugar arrangement, usually demanding patience and persistence over many months. If you have no firm belief, and you will lose your way. Think of the benefits that you can get from a sugar relationship, being spoiled like a princess, free trips, never worry about money anymore, shopping sprees, brand name clothes, get away from the constraints of a 9-5, etc. Find a reason that forced you to hang on, once you decide on a sugar destination.
  3. Look ahead for troubles of being a sugar baby.
    • Fierce competition among sugar babies. Due to the limited number of sugar daddies. The sheer ratio of Sugar Babies to Sugar Daddies is huge! The average is eight to one but can go as high as 12 to one.
    • Non-ideal sugar arrangement. Sometimes, you have to accept an arrangement of a low price or a sugar daddy who is old and unattractive.
    • Scammers or salt daddies. There are always some bad apples in the sugar bowl. So it's normal for a new sugar baby to encounter a lot of fakers, timewasters, and salt daddies in the first couple of months.
    • Sugar prejudice. In the eyes of sugar haters, sugaring is often seen as another form of prostitution, the popularization of sugar relationship is an example of social degradation.
    • Feel lonely and helpless. Since the kind of relationship is very private, it's not easy to find someone to share your suffering or even your happiness.

Tip: Make sure you are psychologically ready for being a sugar baby at the very beginning.

2. Establish a good theoretical base about the mutually beneficial relationship

The Sugar Bowl can be intimidating or welcoming, depending on where you are and how much you know. The sugar relationship is quite different from the traditional ones, which includes many special rules. It sometimes likes a deal and sometimes likes a love connection. How to balance their conflict test your intelligence and experience. In this situation, knowledge is of the essence.

Unlike a normal relationship, you will not interact with young men of your age. There is a high possibility that you will date a man as old as your father. To deal with grown men here, you have a lot to learn. The sugar relationship rules, communication and negotiating skills, emotion processing, rich men's preference, and so on. You get benefits from it, meanwhile, also need to learn about how to maximize the relationship.

Ex-sugar babies will tell you, the more time you invest in learning sugar relationship knowledge, the higher chance you have of sugar success. Remember that becoming a successful sugar baby is more than just good looks, it’s a mix of luck, persistence, and marketing yourself. Only you establish a good theoretical base about this kind of relationship, you can have the relationship you and your daddy are both happy with to be successful.

3. Follow the rules of your agreement, also stick to your boundaries.

There are many types of arrangements to choose from when you decide to enter a sugar relationship. These include serious long-term relationships, sugar mommy relationships, LGBT sugar relationships, platonic relationships, online-only sugar relationship, one-time deals, etc. They work differently and have their own boundaries. As a sugar baby, you not only need to follow the rules of the agreement but also need to stick to the boundaries of the relationship. This is a matter of principle.

4. Keep expectations realistic and be straightforward.

Most sugar babies join this dating game for sugar, but when they meet a charming sugar daddy who is rich and gentle, they can against their original purpose. We know it’s natural to develop romantic feelings for them, but please try your hard to keep these feelings under control. After all, you are in a relationship that is transactional foremost and romantic second.

A lot of successful men choose sugar dating because they value efficiency and they don’t want to waste their time, so sugar babies should be straightforward about their needs and expectations. You should also feel free to ask as many questions as necessary to figure out whether a specific sugar daddy’s desired approach, intentions, and expectations.

5. Use the best sugar daddy dating site or app

If a sugar baby wants to find a sugar daddy, the most effective way is absolutely to use a website tailor-made for sugar daddy dating. These sites provide you with thousands of sugar daddies profiles, allow you to find plenty of POT sugar daddies in a very short time without taking a lot of effort. A workman must sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well, therefore, it's hard for you to succeed in finding a sugar daddy without a special sugar daddy dating website, especially in an era when online dating is prevailing.

The followings are Top 5 Sugar Daddy Dating Sites – SDM is a famous sugar daddy dating site which known for its high chance of getting a date. The website is limited to just straight sugar daddies and female sugar babies from the 20 wealthiest countries in the world only. It has over 2.5 million high quality members. The ratio of sugar daddy and sugar baby on it is 35:65, in other words, you are in a situation where there are 1-2 SBs for each SD. No other website makes it this easy for sugar babies to find sugar daddies. – This website is reputed to be the largest site for sugar dating in the world. Unlike, does not have a lot of limitations. relationships such as sugar momma, gay sugar daddy, and sugar boys are all available. Furthermore, there is no limitation by country. Their service is free for sugar babies in college, thereby, making the number of sugar babies to be far more than the number of sugar daddies. Thus, the competition on this platform is high, but this is definitely good news for sugar daddy. – The most outstanding characteristic of the website is the idea. A sugar baby decides her price and places a bid on the site. Then Sugar daddy bid to win a date with her. Only the winning bidder has to pay the amount. The platform is effective for helping attractive women and wealthy men to meet each other. – To be honest, there was nothing especially attractive about SugarDaddyForMe at first sight. There are many reasons that let you turn off it, the poor page design, simplex function, no mobile app, and etc. But if you watch carefully you will find out the secret why this site can exist for more than a decade. It's practicality and proportionality. Although lacks characteristics, each target of this site is really good! These make sure that you have a higher chance of getting a date. What's more, they offer a 3-day free trial, which allows new users to test the water without paying one penny. So give SugarDaddyForMe a try, you will never regret it.

SugarDaddie – SugarDaddie is one of the leading sugar baby websites, which has been always ranked Top 5 in the sugar dating category on many review sites for the past 14 years. Furthermore, it was widely recognized as the first dating site that devoted huge energies to helping rich men and attractive women find their mutually beneficial relationships. Given its many years of experience in sugar dating, we have reason to believe it was a good sugar baby dating platform that worth trying.

6. Interact positively with POT sugar daddies

The number of ladies willing to become sugar babies is often more than sugar daddies. The implication is that just waiting to be contacted by a sugar daddy will significantly reduce your chances of getting an arrangement. Here are some tips on how to start interacting with POT sugar daddies shared by former sugar babies.

Ex-sugar babies teach you how to interact with sugar daddies

Grace – A lot of sugar daddy will suddenly disappear in some cases without any communication for some time. You don’t have to bother about it as they will contact you as soon as they need you. Use statements that will leave lasting impressions. Do not “intrigue” or “wink” them as this is a popular mistake among sugar babies. Look for topics by going through their profile and then say something like, "Wow, so you reside in New York? That is a place I hope to visit someday."

Jenny – If a sugar daddy asks why you want to be a sugar baby. You could truthfully answer him as they value honesty a lot. You don’t have to directly say its money so that you don’t give the impression that you are a prostitute.

Jennifer – I do not talk about payments with the potential sugar daddy at the beginning of our conversation. I try to study about him first, know how he is. This helps me to know his mindset, personality, income and his identity. This kind of background check has always fetched me higher offers.

Rose – Becoming a sugar baby does not require eloquent speaking. Potential sugar daddies want your primary data and they often directly ask the type of arrangement you prefer. This is in terms of expected allowance, how to send it, when to send it, meeting location and time, social appearances, foreign trips, sexual relations, use of condoms, length of the relationship, and how frequent you date among others. If you already have your expectations, it will be easier to list them out.

Tips: It could take some time before you find the right sugar daddy for you. As a newbie, you should be careful and patient as you might get a lot of scam messages or messages from salt/Splenda sugar daddies. Know what you want and maintain your stand.

7. Arrange the first date in the right place at the right time.

After communicating online for some time, going on a first date is the time when the sugar relationship is sealed. It is important so that you can be sure the person you are seeing online is not different physically and also for chemistry testing. Normally, the sugar daddy will ask you to meet him at a coffee shop or a nice restaurant. You can directly observe him, albeit discreetly, during the meeting. The sugar relationship can then start officially if both of you love what you see.

You should also be careful to give a good first impression and to get his interest. Dress elegantly and wear a smile. You should be intelligent in your discussion and playful so that you can create chemistry and rapport with him. Be courteous and well-mannered to him and everybody around including the employees in the place you are meeting. Make sure that the dating location is a secured place so that you do not put yourself at risk. Click here to learn The First Date Tips for Sugar Babies

Tip: You should not expect to get paid on your first date. There should also be no sex on the first date. It is more of an exercise, a very important one.


This highlights the entire process you would follow as a sugar baby to find a sugar daddy. The 7 simple steps include "prepare yourself", "choose the right method", "create your profile", "increase your range", "look for potential sugar daddies", "talk about the arrangement", "see each other for the first time". Following the process would make you not to be clueless.

It is worthy of note that getting an ideal sugar arrangement is not easy, and you will need to be able to have the relationship you are both happy with to be successful. As long as you use the right method, you will eventually find the right sugar daddy, best wish for you!