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Guide #2. How to be a sugar baby? | A Step by Step Guide

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Becoming a sugar baby is more than just a pretty face and nice figure, you also need to have a strong sense of self, confidence, and be mature, because you're in an environment crowded with rivals, and have to deal with a throng of tumultuous men. This article records the attention points at different stages of becoming a sugar baby, let it be your guide of sugar success.

Learn about sugar culture first

Typical sugar babies are college students or women in their early stage of career, looking for financial support and mentorship, lots of them are brand new. Obviously, this kind of relationship can be hard to navigate for them. How to find a sugar daddy? How to set up a mutually beneficial arrangement? How to avoid sugar dating scams? How should you behave in a dating? All of the above questions would be enough to scare many off.

Under this condition, a good theoretical base about mutually beneficial relationships will get your head in the right place. After all, it’s always a good idea to get the lay of the land of the sugar bowl before deciding to start your experience in sugar dating. Now take some time to learn sugar culture occasionally, make sure you understand the basic facts of the sugar bowl, the rules of sugar relationship, the trends of sugar dating, the don'ts of a sugar baby. These will be beneficial for you on your road to Sugar success!

Find out your strengths of being a baby

Newbies always complain that it's difficult to get a POT sugar daddy's response on sugar baby dating websites. But have you ever considered that why they should contact you? Have you ever given them good reasons to date you again? If you can not tell POT SDs what you will bring to the table for them, it's not strange to you have problems in searching sugar daddies. So the first step to being a sugar baby is to find out how you are different than the other sugar babies?

Don't be discouraged if you don't have a good look and a nice figure. Actually, the type of woman who attracts a sugar daddy can have many different characteristics on the physical side, after all, men have different preferences for a woman's beauty.

Each person has his or her own special characteristics, it's not hard for you to find out your strengths of being a sugar baby. As long as you can offer POT sugar daddies something that would make their life more enjoyable, it's your strength.

Be clear about your expectations

Firm belief comes from a clear goal that determines how far you can go. To be a good sugar baby, you should always be clear about your expectations, i.e what do you want get from sugar relationships.

Sugar babies go sugar dating with different expectations. They want to be spoiled but meanwhile, expect independence in the relationship. Financial support is the most common benefit they can get, but it should not be the only focus of sugar dating. There are somethings more important that are worth pursuing - A better life and a long-term future.

Just because you find older men like your professors hot or you are very curious about the sugar baby's lifestyle, can't be good reasons for you to join the bowl. This is just a rough idea that shows you are very young and emotionally immature. Be clear about your expectations from the get go.

Make all necessary preparations

There are some things you need to prepare if you want to start your experience in sugar dating as soon as possible:

  1. A certain amount of budget. Usually, it can take a long time (months) to find a stable arrangement as a newbie, while during this time you need to pay for everything yourself. So make sure your bank account is in the black and don't quit your job.
  2. A flexible schedule. Judging by past experience, a baby who has a flexible schedule usually easier to find a date. Simply because sugar daddies are often busy with their careers and they prefer sugar babies who have more spare time.
  3. Some best pictures of you. In order to give POT sugar daddies an actual feel of your look, body type, and lifestyle, you need to prepare some selfies. Add them to your dating profiles or update your social media newsfeeds, let them work for you. The types of photos that get the most interest from POT sugar daddies should follow some principles below:
    • 1. They are distinct enough.
    • 2. Show the recent version of you.
    • 3. With a smile that shows you are confident.
    • 4. Tell others that you are doing something interesting.
    • 5. Includes some beautiful landscapes.
    • 6. Proper size, 3x4 portraits are better.
    • 7. Avoid extreme close-up shots.
  4. Some social media accounts. Social media have a large user base and never lack rich people who are interested in sugar relationships. So you'd better have your personal social media and make them help you to expand your search range.
  5. A separate bank account. Bank transfer is the common form of sugar daddy paying sugar baby allowances. So you‘d better create a separate bank account just in case you fall for any potential sugar daddy scams.

Set your Limitations and boundary

The sugar relationships are complex than many imagined. sometimes, they can be hard to navigate and newbies risk losing themselves. From the long-term development of your sugar baby career, you must set your own limitations and boundary, either in financial or emotional matters. Just be accommodating—but only up to a certain extent.

Specific considerations are as follow:
  • How much is the rock-bottom price for you to accept an arrangement?
  • Can you accept sex or other forms of intimacy in the arrangement?
  • What if your sugar daddy demands unprotect sex?
  • What if your sugar daddy demands a special sexual way that beyond your limits?
  • What if you can't avoid getting involved in daddy's personal life?
  • What if your sugar daddy posts your photos to his social media newsfeeds without your permission?
  • What if sugar daddy asks you to visit him at a private place where doesn't have any security?
  • What if you find that you’re not exclusively dating each other?
  • What if your sugar daddy usually failure to make timely payments?
  • How do you stop yourself from falling in love with a sugar daddy?
  • What if your sugar daddy usually cancels or late for dates that you've carefully prepared?
  • Can you accept a sugar relationship that leads to marriage?
  • Is it necessary to go abroad with your sugar daddy?
  • Is it necessary to appear in public together?

Outline a sugar agreement, be specific

As a general step, the sugar baby and daddy will negotiate an initial contract before they start dating regularly and formally. This will ensure that everyone involved know exactly what their obligations are. When you set the exact terms of the rcontract, Considering the following factors.
Benefits What's the exact price? Refer to the average sugar baby allowance
Forms of it? Money, gifs, bill payments, free trips, expensive dinners, etc.
When to receive it? Weekly or Monthly allowance, Pay Per Meet.
How to receive it? Cash, bank checks, or Online transfer.
Obligations When and where do you usually meet?
How often do you date?
Is it necessary to appear in public together?
Do you need to go abroad?
Do you need to have (unprotected)sex?
How long will the relationship last?
Is it an exclusive sugar arrangement?

To conclude

In this article, we have briefed newbies on how to be a sugar baby, the most important thing is to prepare well yourself. Next we'll move on to a new topic - how to find a sugar daddy, but before we kick-off, make sure you understand what is a sugar daddy and The types of sugar daddy. If you don't prepare well yourself and know your opponent, then you will have challenges being successful.