How Much Does Sugar Daddy Pay Sugar Baby Allowance Per Visit?

monthly allowance vs pay per visit Discussing the allowance with a POT sugar daddy should top your list before agreeing to a sugar arrangement. The details that should be ironed out along this line include: what's the exact price? How and when to pay the allowance? Cash or transfer? Monthly allowance or pay per visit? The more details you have discussed allowance of the arrangement, the easier it will be for both of you to know what your obligations are. In a typical sugar arrangement, sugar daddy usually pays her sugar baby allowance by the month. However, they may sometimes want to pay per visit. So, what is a reasonable price should you ask for? This article will give you some tips.

Tip 1. Figure it out why you want to pay per date?

Normally, there are 3 sugar daddy types that prefer to pay for each visit. The first type is those that prefer not to be tied down by a woman. They prefer fresh lades and, thus, love to change sugar babies often. Usually, they choose the STR (Short Term Relationship) option. The next are those who are very busy and thus could go for months without time meeting their sugar babies. Due to the flexibility and cost-effectiveness, they will prefer to give an allowance after each date not to pay by the month. The last are those that want to test the chemistry between him and his sugar baby. The first few dates will determine if their sugar relationship would continue or not. For this reason, they might opt for paying allowances for each date.

On the other hand, there are also a lot of sugar babies that are more willing to be paid per visit. Some of them are super busy because they date multiple sugar daddies at the same time. Some of them are students in college or women in their early stage of career who are only free to see their sugar daddies during the weekend.

So, what groups do you belong?

Tip 2. Should You Ask for Allowance Monthly or After Every Meet?

  • Monthly Allowance
    Different methods for payment have their own characteristics. As a result, different individuals have their preferred options. There are obvious advantages of monthly allowance, making it suitable for the sugar baby and sugar daddy who want to build a long term sugar relationship. For this arrangement type, a fixed number of dates are designed to strengthen the sugar dating between the 2 people. It allow you to control the frequency of the dates and also promises a stable source of income. However, this payment method lacks flexibility. For example, sometimes, in order to date your sugar daddy, you must reserve a long free time.

  • Pay Per Visit
    Of course, there are also numerous benefits for getting paid after each visit. You, for one, can easily arrange more dates so as to get more money compared with monthly payment. Beside, you can schedule your time more flexibly when you have several sugar daddies at the same time. The shortcomings of “pay per visit” lies in that the sugar relationship can be terminated at any time because this type of arrangement is not stable. In addition, your level of income depends on the number of dating times you have, and there is no guarantee of a lasting relationship. In some cases, your sugar daddy might not be able to see you for two months. It means you will not get any income from him for those 2 months.

Tip 3. How much should you charge your sugar daddy if paid per visit?

want a sugar baby As we have mentioned before,the average sugar baby makes $2,800-$3,300 monthly. Obviously, this is not the situation for “pay per meet”. So, you should set another price for each date, but how much should you charge? The reasonable pricing cannot be based solely on your intuition. You would take into consideration a lot of factors like the meeting frequency or different cities. If you are not going to meet more than twice a month, then a thousand dollars for each visit is appropriate, Based on this your monthly income will not be too low. If on the other hand, you can meet up to 4 times in a month, you might want to request for between $500 and $700. Furthermore, you should be clear of what you expected for every date, Will sexual activities be expected or would you have to offer special services? Whether or not you are hopeful of gifts is also another topic for discussion among others.

In the top cities prices are higher

  • lowest - $300
  • average - $500-800
  • top ladies - $1500-3000

In the smaller cities prices are relatively lower.

  • lowest - $200
  • average - $300-500
  • top ladies - $700-2000

Some PPM Examples

  • Region:Melbourne. Price: $500/PPM + hotel, lunch or dinner, small gifts. Details: 3 to 4 hours of intimacy
  • Region:NYC. Price: $1,200/PPM. Details: 2 to 3 times per month, a top lady
  • Region:San Francisco. Price: $500/PPM/platonic date; $1k-1.5k/PPM/overnight. Details: dates are dinner and intimacy but it completely depends, gifts for holidays and such.
  • Region:Chicago. Price: $800/PPM. Details: a 18-years-old college SB, dates are usually something fun (dinner, movie,etc) then intimacy. Occasional overnights. 3 to 4 dates a month.
  • Region:NYC. Price: $250/PPM + hotel. Details: Usually meet for one or two drinks then intimacy for a few hours in hotel. After first meet we often skip the drinks and meet straight at hotel.
  • Region:Los Angeles. Price: $800/PPM;$5000/month not including gifts. Details: Long dates, overnights, sometimes travel. No limits on dates per month.
  • Region:Midwestern United States. Price: $1,000/PPM/platonic dates; $2,000/PPM/overnight. Details: a top African American lady, the allowance based on the # of days with the sugar daddy (for example, 2 days=$4,000).
  • Region:Chicago metro area. Price: $400-$600/PPM; $1,600-$2,500/month. Details: based on 4-6 meetings a month, with at least 4 of those involving sex.
  • Region:Des Moines. Price: $600/PPM. Details: 6 hrs- dinner, show or shop & hotel, no overnights or travel.
  • Region:Kansas City. Price: $200/PPM + gifts; $2500/month. Details: indoor only. Going on business trips is 100% optional, paid for, and no extra sugar.
  • Region:Chicago. Price: $500/PPM. Details: 2 hour hotel “lunch” dates, 3-4 meets/month plus gifts and extra sugar (totals to about $2500/month).
  • Region:Cleveland. Price: $200/PPM. Details: Usually overnight. Dates range from dinner & drinks to watching a movie, followed by intimacy. Several dates per week.
  • Region:Rural Midwest. Price: $250/PPM. Details: 1 date per week, lasting ~ 4 hours without overnights. Dinner, activity, intimacy.
  • Region:Gold Coast. Price: $250/PPM. Details: 1 date per week, lasting ~ 4 hours without overnights. Dinner, activity, intimacy.
  • Region:Brisbane. Price: $400/PPM. Details: includes travels and all expense. Meet for coffees and lunches 1-3x week.
  • Region:Bay Area. Price: $300-600/PPM. Details: dates usually involved dinner and hanging out, has included overnights.
  • Region:OKC. Price: $150-300/PPM; $1000-2000/month. Details: 1 to 2 dates a week at several hours to overnights.
  • Region:Austin. Price: $250/PPM. Details: 3 to 4 meets a month; weekday lunch or dinner; occasional event; intimacy
  • Region:Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong. Price: $600/PPM. Details: 2-3 dates a month, meal+quickie or meet in hotel room.

Tip 4. Advice from the experience sugar babies

Jessica- Las Vegas - "I get $1000 for every date from my sugar daddy. We usually meet between 2 to 4 times a month. Whether to have sex depends on the specific situation. There is no strict requirement of sexual behavior in our arrangement, but the price for each date is fixed."

Jenny - Miami - "As a student in college, I only meet my sugar daddy on weekends. As a result, I requested for payment per meet. Normally, I get $400 or more for every date as well as some gifts. If sexual activities are involved, I get about $1200."

Nicole - Detroit - "I normally request for a $2,500 monthly allowance from my sugar daddy. On the other hand, I promise to meet him at least 4 times every month. When our meeting goes beyond 4 times we switch to per dating charge of $500, after the fourth meeting. We were clear about this before we started dating. So don’t be shy about discussing allowances with your potential sugar daddy before the official dating begins. It is best for both you and your sugar daddy."

Linda - charlotte - "I usually carried out background research about my potential sugar daddy at the very begin. I got to know about his income, work, hobbies, personality as well as if I am his type of girl. I then decided on a reasonable price on the basis of research. I will request for between $400 and $2000 for each visit."


In fact, there is no fixed standard to decide how much sugar daddy does pay sugar baby allowance per visit. All you need to do is to set a price both of you are comfortable with. All in all, the reasonable price comes from a good communication.


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