Can I Be A Sugar Baby?

Most girls have asked about this question and now I will tell you the answer," Yes, you can. Why not?" It's not a matter of "can". Any girl can be a sugar baby.

The reason why so many girls ask about this stupid queation is because they have no idea what is a sugar baby. They are just curious about the luxury lifestyle of a sugar baby. Actually, when there's a man giving you money for your company, you are a sugar baby. So are you a good fit for a sugar baby? Let's check the stastics prvided by

A survey on real identities of the sugar baby:

1. Women students from 18-22 take up 34.5% of all sugar babies. College students and girls who are not very talented and have no strong family background usually face heavy pressure of life when they have entered society. They have to work like a dog to pay off rent, tuition fee and loan. In order to have an easier life, they would choose to gain rewards by sacrificing t their youth and beauty, when given the opportunity.

2. Unmarried older women, 27.4%. This group of women have high demands for money and life quality. They have something in common: high degree, high income and a good temperament. They are fashionable, knowledgeable and have their own personality. They often attend a variety of receptions and business activities. They are surrounded by company executives, politicians, noted social figures, overnight millionaires, etc. They are not in lack of money. They choose to cling to some powerful men for their own development purpose.

3. Starlets, including models, actresses and entertainment industry practitioners take up 23.9%. These are gorgeous women with perfect figure. They have good manners and they know how to dress up and how to attract the attention of men. Any of their actions are easy for men to receive the wrong messages. They are always surrounded by all kinds of men, which makes other women jealous. But the cost of maintaining a consistent image is striking. They have to spend large sums of money on cosmetics, luxury jewelry, fancy clothes, etc. Once they couldn't afford this lifetyle, they need a man to support them badly.

4. Divorced women or widows, 14.2%. Divorced women won't care about where and when to have sex with a total stranger. They are driven to have sex with other men because of their disgusting and frustrating husband. With the lesson of the first marriage, some women no longer believe sweet words of a guy. Instead, they choose to believe in the most practical thing in the world--money. Of course, apart from money, they hope to find a man who can hear their story. And in this way, sugar daddy becomes the best of both worlds.

From this survey, we can know that most sugar baby are under heavy economic pressure, hope to live a rich life, hope to make more money, or are dependent on men naturally. Only a few girls choose to be a sugar baby for the company of mature men and gain some pocket money at the same time.

So if you don't have stress of finance and you are not interested in leading a rich life, you'd better give up the idea of becoming a sugar baby.

"I'm neither good-looking nor with good body shape. Can I be a sugar baby ? "

Many people would assume that a sugar baby must have super good looks. This is far from true. If you doubt it, you can check up a sugar daddy dating site by yourself. Pictures of female users on these websites show that many sugar babies are actually average-looking. According to figures offered by, success match rate on this site is 27.8%, which means every four girls can get a rich man and you only have to beat three girls to receive invitation of a sugar daddy. A gorgeous face and a stunning figure only help you have higher chance of getting a sugar daddy. Men have their own preferance rowards women, as well as towards the girls they like. What important is that we should be full of confidence and know how to find a sugar daddy?


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