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Discussion on the Makings of Sugar Baby - Are you qualified to Sugar Baby?

Lastest update: :Nov 18, 2020       18,221      Michael Ryan

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A lot of newbie sugar babies can have a common question when they decide to start their experience in sugar dating - "Will I qualify for a sugar baby?"

If you have ever read our sugar baby guide carefully, then you shouldn't be bothered by such a simple question. Now that you are here, let us give you more details about what the specific makings of a successful sugar baby are.

1. Why can't you be a sugar baby?

In fact, the reason why so many girls are not sure whether they qualify to be a sugar baby is that they don't quite know the definition and duties of a sugar baby. Sugar Baby, a young woman, usually in college or in her early stage of career, who looking for financial support and mentorship from rich and successful people in exchange for a dating-like relationship. The person who offers sugar baby money, gifts, support, or other financial and material benefits is referred to as a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma.

In other words, as long as you can find a rich and generous gentleman or lady who is willing to provide you any form of financial support, you are already a sugar baby. Unless you totally have no interest in getting benefits by establishing a relationship, companionship with someone older than you, we can't find out any reason to explain why you think you unqualified for sugaring.

2. Discussion of the legality of being a sugar baby.

Some people regard sugaring as another form of prostitution, the legality of being a sugar baby is always questioned. But, if you compare sugaring and prostitution carefully, you can find many essential differences between these two practices.

Firstly, prostitution is a pure deal, men in these scenes spend money just for sex, while sugaring is to establish a dating-like relationship that lasts for some time, men in the arrangement spend money in order to get a chance to date an attractive woman. Secondly, in prostitution, the main focus is sex that everything around it; But in sugar dating, sexual interaction is just an additional condition of the arrangement, but not the necessary factors.

So, do you still think it's not legal to be a sugar baby? Let me can tell you a fact - There are no laws relating specifically to sugaring, being a sugar baby is totally legal.

3. The age range of a legitimate Sugar Baby

  • The age of a legitimate Sugar Baby at least over 18.
  • The typical sugar baby age range is 18 to 25 years old.
  • 85% of sugar babies are college students who are at the age of 18-23.
  • 10% of sugar babies are women who are at the age of 23-35.
  • There are many sugar babies who are over 35+ on some sugar baby website, as it is said the oldest sugar baby was 55.

4. The Makings of A Sugar Baby

  • Age is your biggest advantage. Young college students who are at the ages of 18- 22 are the most popular among sugar daddies.
  • Good Looks. You have to admit men are visual creatures, most sugar daddies willing to pay an attractive woman for her companionship.
  • A slim, well-proportioned figure. Apart from some sugar daddies who have a special taste for Plus size women, most sugar daddies prefer sugar baby who is thin, generally tall and long-legged.
  • Unique characteristics. You always have some characteristics that make you unique and different from the others. Use them as your personal tags to get potential Sugar Daddies to notice You.
  • Points are awarded for well-education, elegance, independence, self-confidence, and etc.

5. Do sugar Daddies like an ordinary girl?

The key to the problem is how you define an ordinary girl. Just because you are not beautiful, overweight, and lacking in education, so you think you're the woman in the street? In my view, these characteristics of you are not the obstacles that stop you from becoming a sugar baby, but your self-pity is your greatest enemy. From now on, try to be more confident if you want to join this dating game.

Unattractive? Improve your makeup skills. Overweight? Go to the gym more frequently. Lacking in education? Enrich your mind by reading. There is no love without reason, nor free lunch on earth, always remember that you get what you pay for. Moreover, men have their own preference for women, not all sugar daddies interested in sugar babies who are attractive, thin, tall, and long legged. As a woman with out good look and nice figure, maybe you can have a little difficulty in finding a sugar daddy, but it doesn't mean there is no sugar daddy interested in you in the bowl.


Many people would assume that a sugar baby must have super good looks. This is far from true. If you doubt it, you can check up a sugar daddy dating site by yourself. Pictures of female users on these websites show that many sugar babies are actually average-looking. According to figures offered by, success match rate on this site is 27.8%, which means every four girls can get a rich man and you only have to beat three girls to receive invitation of a sugar daddy. A gorgeous face and a stunning figure only help you have higher chance of getting a sugar daddy. Men have their own preferance rowards women, as well as towards the girls they like.

So, any women can be a sugar baby as long as she is interested in mutually beneficial relationships and willing to spend time and efforts to search her sugar daddy.