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Guide #3. 7 Types of Sugar Daddy - What is your ideal type?

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what is a sugar baby

Sugar baby's life is quite colorful and exciting, but finding a sugar daddy always comes first. Now you may be feeling confused about what is a sugar daddy? How they differ from each other? According to the different sugar arrangments, the sugar daddies can be roughly divided into seven groups. Keep on reading, you will find the answer of "what types of the sugar daddy would you want".

1. The "Traditional Sugar Daddy"

One type frequently mentioned is Traditional Sugar Daddy. This is a group of generous gentlemen who are mature and financially stable. Maybe they are no longer young and charming anymore, but still retain a restless, youthful spirit, in search of a dating-like relationship with young women.

Men at their age are most married, they get into a sugar relationship just want to get some pleasure and don't want to lose their wives. Money is already not an issue for them, so what they want most is a feeling that everything under control, especially in a relationship.

In most cases, you will find a sugar daddy of this type and enter into a stable long-term relationship that generally lasts longer than six months. It may be the best start for a newbie sugar baby. So gather your strength for a wonderful sugar baby career, it is not far from you.

2. The "Online Sugar Daddy"

With the development of the Internet, more and more generous gentlemen choose to start intimate interactions with young and beautiful women on the web. The so-called online sugar daddy is a man who is looking for online sex or company. Actually, they will not physically touch any sugar babies because they don't want a real date.

No kidding! Is someone really willing to pay a sugar baby they’ve never met? What can they get benefit from the online arrangement? Don't be surprised! There is no mystery as to why someone wants to be an online sugar daddy. On one hand, these men may not be ready for a real sugar relationship at this time, so they intend to start first online sugaring, on another hand, they may already have a stable relationship and don't want to lose their real love, so they just occasionally get some feeling of freshness from another woman.

Compare to other types of sugar daddies, the online sugar daddies are not able to provide their sugar babies with a high allowance and a stable arrangement because they usually have limited income and seldom online. But The good side is that you don't have to date them in the real-life.

3. The "Mentor Sugar Daddy"

Experienced and educated sugar daddies will not only provide their sugar baby with financial support but also can offer valuable guidance for their long-term stability. The benefit of having a good mentor is not less than any form of material assistance.

Generally, in a sugar relationship, sugar daddies under no obligation to offer guidance to their baby. Only when they find that they are really like and admire a baby, they would want to make long-term plans for her. So, if you can find an established man who willing to be your mentor and you’ve hit the jackpot. This is a dream for many sugar babies.

This kind of relationship builds based on feelings and emotions, which can only be found by accident and not through seeking. The trick is to try your hard to have the relationship you and your sugar daddy are both happy with, then develop a normal sugar daddy into a mentor sugar daddy.

4. The "Platonic Sugar Daddy"

The so-called Platonic Sugar Daddy is a rich man who only wants a pure dating-like relationship without any intimacy. These daddies are quite similar to the other sugar daddies in which the difference lies in the attitude to sex.

You may wonder why someone would like to pay a women for getting a platonic relationship? The situation varies, maybe they are too old to have sex with the lady, or maybe they have psychological reactance to sex by nature. Do not have too much care about the reasons, you just need to follow the terms of the agreement and make a nice company whenever they needed.

Finding a regular sugar daddy is not easy, let alone finding a platonic sugar daddy. Whether you admit or not, most sugar daddies expect sexual interaction as part of the date - the platonic ones only make up a small proportion of sugar daddies. So if you are lucky enough to find one, please be kind to him, it can be a beautiful experience of your sugar baby career.

5. The "Life Companion"

Yes, you read that right: some sugar daddies jump into the sugar dating world just for finding a serious long-term relationship. What he desires most is a real girlfriend or lifelong companion, instead of a sex partner or casual relationship.

Sometimes, the ideas of the rich are strange. They are rich, but otherwise unhappy men, especially when it comes to romance. They may once fail in courting a woman that they dream of, or maybe they are really too busy to go regular dating. Since they are rich, why not take advantage of money to win a date?

If you want to find such a sugar daddy, you will be probably getting into a long-term relationship. This type of sugar daddy usually wants you to treat him as a boyfriend, and expect more frequent date. The good side is that you will also be treated well like his real girlfriend and benefit financially more from the relationship.

6. The "John"

Some sugar daddies enter into the sugar bowl to get one thing, it's sex. These guys are so-called 'John". In their mind, there is no need to get familiar with each other in a sugar relationship, any other interactions are redundant except sex. The "John" only care about sugar babies' looks, and never care about who they are.

In most cases, the dates will occur in a hotel or a private place. There is no foreplay or sweet talk in the bedroom, you just get straight to sex. After you get the money, the date is over basically. No Strings Attached is the main feature of this type of arrangement.

Whilst this practice may sound more like prostitution, it is nevertheless considered as a special form of sugar arrangement. Of course, remember that you're quite within your rights to refuse an offer from such a sugar daddy. It's better to discuss exactly each main points of the arrangement in advance just in case damage feelings or misunderstandings

7. The "Travel Partner"

The travel Sugar daddy refers to a rich man who travels frequently for their business or work, looks for regular dates with a beautiful woman. This man may come from another city and stay here only a few days, most of their time usually spend on trips. In this state, they may often feel lonely and dreary, and have a strong desire for a sugar baby’s company, even if it is a very short date. Don't underestimate the benefits you can get from this type of sugar daddy. They are usually quite generous and willing to spend a lot of money on sugar dates. The only drawback is that the relationships can end without warning at any time. The reason maybe due to they get a new job, or maybe they discover a new interest that brings pleasure than sugar dates does

The travel sugar daddies don't require a sugar baby too much time staying with them because they have a busy schedule and always in a hurry. Make good use of your time together and provide them with a nice company, they will be very thankful.

To conclude

To be frank, there are no hard and fast rules to be followed in your sugar daddy search, also there is no unique standard to definite and distinguish different types of sugar daddies because their attitudes and expectations towards sugar relationships are always changing. But it's always a good idea to learn more about the difference between sugar daddies; in order that you can have clear policies and guidelines for dealing with them in the future.