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10 Basic Facts of Sugar Bowl That New Sugar Babies Should Know

Lastest update: :Nov 27, 2020       17,136      Michael Ryan

1. You are in competition with a large number of sugar babies.

Unless you're blessed with the body and figure that make most men fall for, you'd better take an initiative to seek your sugar daddy. According to statistics from Millionaire Match(The world's largest millionaire & sugar daddy dating website ): only 1 in 4 girls can get a sugar daddy's invitation.

2. You are establishing relationships with grown men

Being a SB is not easy and you will need to be able to have the relationship you are both happy with to be successful. Don't assume that everything will be ok once you have an arrangement. You need to put more energy into dressing up, buying high-quality perfume and sexy clothes, and continue working out constantly to keep your good figure. This is to let the sugar daddy know that he can get better return if he spends more money.

3. The core of the sugar relationship is a mutually beneficial agreement.

Before you receive an arrangement, you must reach a deal with the sugar daddy over the rules. You should know what kind of company does the sugar daddy want. Don't feel embarrassed. This is a fair trade. You can be as detailed as the times of meeting up per month, the proper payment you deserve, the approximate location of the dates, with or without sex, wearing condom or not, as well as what special requirements are there. You should not make a decision until you're sure that you can accept all the conditions.

4. You'd most likely to develop romantic feelings for a sugar daddy

Don't inquire about sugar daddies' private affairs, including their work, business and family. Keep your feeling under control and don't be more intertwined in her sugar daddy's life. Sometimes you even do not have to know about a sugar daddy's real name. You should know that the sugar daddy are usually careful about their privacy protection, so they are not willing to reveal too much of their private lives. They spend money to get your service. If you're curious with everything about him, it only gets his antipathy and you may lose your sugar daddy. Remember, ask as little as you can, unless he tells you himself.

5. The sugar relationship is transactional foremost. Money first, romantic second.

Some girls' eyes grow round with delight at the sight of money. They never think in the shoes of the sugar daddy. They just think they deserve more money for sacrificing their body and time. Based on experience of most successful sugar baby, the money they get is often more than they ask for at first. But the premise is that you won't let your sugar daddy feel bad about you. You should know that the rich can have many women. If they don't like you any more, they can find another girl anytime, but you could get nothing. So, the amount of money you make is related with the service you provide, instead of the offer you ask for at first.

6. No one can't rely on sugar for income all life.

As a profession, a sugar baby relies on her youth and physical appearance that she'll lose sooner or later. So keep studying and improving while you still own them. A lot of baby develop into lazy habits for the present cozy life and rely on sugar daddy for everything. Once they lose the support of sugar daddy, they'll find themselves know nothing and could do nothing for a living.

7. The first sugar date is the point that marks the beginning – or end – of any potential sugar relationship.

First impression is important whether you get your sugar daddy from a sugar daddy website or in other ways. That's because unless seeing you in person, sugar daddy will not easily decide whether give you allowance or not. So when you first date with a sugar daddy, you must dress up yourself carefully. But don't show yourself too much. Have your sugar daddy be the lead. Let him arrange your later dates and try to behave in obedience under the circumstances that are not contrary to your wishes.

8. Being a Sugar Baby is not easy and you have to face a lot of challenges.

Wining a good sugar arrangement is not easy and you will need to defeat a large number of competitors. This is a difficult task that can take a lot of time(months). Unlike a One-time deal, this type of relationship usually lasts for some time, thus you will need to carefully deal with grown men. Only you have the relationship you are both happy with, then you can be successful

9. The sugar bowl is not a place for a virgin

Most Sugar daddies expect sexual interaction can be a part of the arrangement, so sex is likely to come up sooner or later. If you are sugar babies who are only looking for a platonic relationship, then your chances of getting a sugar date is usually very low.

10. Ensure your security is rule no.1 for a sugar baby.

Most sugar babies are usually quite young and innocent, they can trust a strange man for money easily. Together with the sugar dating pool have never lacked fakers and salt daddies. These make the type of relationship is full of hidden security troubles. So, how to protect yourself and avoid sugar daddy scams are important classes that a newbie sugar baby needs to learn first. Remember that safety is should be your number one.