What is a sugar baby?

Definition: The term sugar baby refers to an adult woman or man who is young, charming, intelligent and farsighted. A sugar baby knows exactly what she/he wants in life. In order to realize the lifestyle of pursuing their dreams, they actively seek opportunities to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with wealthy and successful people who are called sugar daddy or sugar mommy. While providing companionship, a sugar baby can get financial support, career guidance and care from their sugar daddy or sugar mommy in return. According to statistics from SugarDaddyMeet.com in 2019, the average sugar Baby is 25 years old and makes $3,300 monthly. 42.5percent of them are in college. If this lifestyle appeals to you, continue to browse our site and learn how to be a sugar baby?


A Sugar baby is a young lady who is in a certain kind of mutually helpful relationship for the expressed purpose of achieving economic security. Sugar babies usually meet rich people in bars, parties, online dating sites, when they both have interest in each other, after negotiating the detailed terms of sugar arrangement,since then, they have dated and established a mutually beneficial relationship. The sugar daddy showers the sugar baby with care, love, gifts, and cash while the sugar baby showers the sugar daddy or sugar mummy with sex and companionship. The art is known as sugaring with Sugar Bowl being used to refer to this lifestyle and dating scene. When you are providing companionship and sex in a sugar bowl, you are referred to as the sugar baby.

The history of sugar dating can be traced to the USA and since then, it has become a common occurrence in several countries, worldwide. In the past decade, several sugar daddy apps and sugar daddy dating sites have sprung up in several countries across the world. This has resulted in the creation of many relationships of young ladies who need money with rich older people. USA is reputed to have the highest population of sugar babies, with more than 3 million sugar babies and counting. Other countries with a high population of sugar babies include Colombia, Australia, UK, and Canada.

In most cases, sugar babies are students in college or ladies within the ages of 18 and 25. From statistics, 36 percent of sugar babies use the money they get from their sugar daddy to pay school fees, which 23 percent use the money for rent payment. The balance is used to buy clothes, books, and transport among others.

Even though the sugar relationship is controversial, it is different from escort or prostitution. Furthermore, it is a legal activity. Nevertheless, some restrictions have come up after the signing of the contentious “Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking and Fight Online Sex Trafficking” act by President Donald Trump into law.  It is worthy of note that Apple removed a lot of apps for sugar daddies from their site. Some of the websites providing sugar daddy dating services had to reposition to be just a dating platform before apple store returned them to the platform. As of 2019, sugar dating is still extremely popular across the world.

Why do young people want to be sugar babies?

There is a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding being a sugar baby. Some people see sugar babies as lazy people or prostitutes. However, this has not stopped the desire of hundreds of thousands of young ladies becoming sugar babies every year. If you are thinking about why young ladies become sugar babies or why you should become a sugar baby. The major reasons include:

  • For financial reasons: Considering that sugar babies are generally students or college or very young ladies, they don’t earn much. The implication is that their needs in terms of books, rent, student loans, and school fees are far more than their income. Some sugar babies have sick or dead parents as well as those whose parents are bankrupt and cannot offer them any financial help. And if double or triple employment is not an option, they start looking for a sugar daddy,as they can get $500 for a one-hour date, so, why not?

  • Better Lifestyle: Not every sugar baby has financial problems. Some are considerably comfortable financially, however, they just want a higher standard of living. For instance, even though they can afford transportation and rent good accommodation without issues, they would prefer to have their luxury car, a mansion, and vacations. Sugar daddies come in handy to meet such desires.

  • Curiosity and Fun: Some have noticed that a lot of people around them have sugar daddies or they have had relationships with their peers and just want to know how a sugaring feels. Thus, they join out of curiosity and/or the need to have fun. Imagine doing what you want and getting paid for it.

  • Connection and Mentorship: In some cases, young ladies become sugar babies because they want a rich person to mentor them on how to become rich. They know it will be easier to get to their dreams if they have the connections, experience, and wealth that a rich man can provide. Since it might be difficult getting a rich man to invest all of that in them without any benefit or for business benefit alone, they know it is much easier when they offer companionship and sex into the equation.

What can a sugar baby get?

There is a wide range of benefits that can come from having a sugar daddy. Prominent among such benefits include:

  • Gifts: Sugar daddies often give their sugar babies as a lot of gifts incoulding houses, cars, jewelry, clothes, watches, and apple products.
  • Cash: Sugar daddies give money to their sugar babies for various reasons. It could be an allowance that could come weekly, monthly or after each meeting or money for shopping. Sugar daddies could also occasionally give them some money because they are celebrating their birthday, just graduated, the sugar daddy just got paid for a successful business or the sugar daddy is happy.
  • Luxury Vacations: Sugar daddies sponsor their sugar babies to all-expense-paid trips to cities such as Paris and Rome among others. In some cases, they could travel together and in other cases, she could go alone.
  • Career guidance: There are sugar babies that prefer to learn how to make money than to just be getting money. Their sugar daddy can help them choose a career after which he links them to a very profitable job when they are through with study or helps them become an entrepreneur.
  • Life partner: There are cases where a lady could meet a single sugar daddy. In this case, they would be able to spend a lot of time together and they could fall in love. From there, they could get married.

What does a sugar baby do?

Although the responsibilities of sugar baby is completely different depending on the length of the sugar relationship, the frequency of the meeting, and the expectations of sugar daddy, in a typical sugar arrangement, the following behaviours are common:

  • Companionship: This includes spending time together, attending social gatherings with him, eating out together and traveling together.
  • Intimate relationship:This includes making love, kissing and hugging
  • Listening: When the sugar daddy needs someone to talk to, shares ideas with or to get diverse suggestions.
  • Catering to a hobby:If the sugar daddy has a fantasy or need, the sugar baby could agree to meet it. Such fantasies could include webcam relationship, Femdom, BDSM, and cosplay among others.

Note: The sugar baby and the sugar daddy need to discuss what is expected in the relationship before it starts fully. Where the sugar daddy wants something the sugar baby cannot provide, she could say so. If no compromise is met, she could excuse herself from the relationship. Chances are that within a short while, both of them will find a sugar partner that fits exactly what they want in such a relationship.

Slang Words in Sugar Baby Dating world

sugar daddysugar baby/boysugar momma
sugar sisterPay Per Meet / Pay per visitLong Term Relationship
Short Term RelationshipLong Term ArrangementNo Strings Attached
Friend With BenefitsMeet and GreetPotential sugar partner
SASR Sugar Bowl
Seeking arrangementsugar relationshipSugar lifestyle / Dating scene
ArrangementAllowance SDM
Negotiated relationshipThe money given by sugar daddySugar Daddy Meet

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