What Is A Sugar Baby

Sugar Dating Full Guide for Babies

If you desire to be a successful sugar baby, then you are here in the right place. Here we provide sugar babies with a sugar dating guide that contains a list of frequently asked questions. Check out the best personal sugar dating advice to lay a good theoretical basis for your sugar success, you no longer need to go elsewhere!

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The meaning of sugar baby

what is a sugar baby

1. Definition

Sugar Baby, typically young and attractive women in college or in their early stage of career, who get into a dating-like relationship with the rich and successful people in exchange for financial support and mentorship. In the relationship, the person who offers a baby money, gifts, support, or other financial and material benefits is referred to as a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma.

Sugar baby and sugar daddy meet each other through sugar dating websites(mostly) or freestyle dating. The aim of this stage is to get to know each other, explain the expectations of each other, and so on.

When they feel comfortable, they're going to negotiate a contract to set up a mutually beneficial arrangement. The contract is the core and foundation of their arrangement, which clearly provides for the rights and obligations of both parties. Specific terms usually including the allowance issues, the dating frequency, expectations of each other, and many other details.

After reaching a preliminary consensus, the next step is to arrange the real-life dates. The first date can be the beginning or end of a potential sugar relationship, depending on how the sugar baby and sugar daddy behave and their chemistry.

The sugar bowl is not a place for a virgin. why? Because most sugar daddies desire to have sexual interaction with their baby. So if a sugar baby wants to benefit financially from the sugar relationship, then she also needs to give something instead. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

In general, a sugar baby is more like a spoiled girlfriend mistress, or Trophy Wife. Most of them have good looks but lack knowledge of sugar culture. They are unwilling ordinary, have a desire to succeed, and dare to challenge a better life.

2. Overview of today's sugar bowl

Sugar dating originated and has been vigorous development in the United States, peaked in 2015. During this period the United States has produced the highest number of sugar babies, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Colombia. The college students occupy a very great comparison in all sugar babies, 40%. The main reason for this phenomenon is the growing tuition fee and cost of living. Although there is debate about whether this practice is legal, no laws relating specifically to it, in other words, so far at least, everyone can be a sugar baby as long as over 18.

People always consider sugar daddies are old and unattractive. However, it's totally a stereotype that far from the truth. Believe it or not, with sugar dating more and more popular in recent years, a larger number of new people join the sugar bowl. The older and unattractive man is not exclusive choice anymore. It's easily find profiles from young and charming sugar daddies on sugar baby dating websites. But the bad news is that there are as many as four-eight sugar babies for each sugar daddies in the bowl. The fierce competition makes it very difficult for a young sugar baby to find her date.

3. Why do they become a sugar baby?

You can have such questions when you decide to become a serious sugar baby. Why do so many young girls choose to live a sugar lifestyle? Why can they trust strange and grown men for money? Does sugar dating suit me? Well, the situations differ, it is not easy to predict it in each separate case. Here we conclude the main 4 reasons:
  • 1. Financial troubles. Most young people have money problems more or less.
  • 2. A desire for success. One of the fastest ways to become rich and successful is to close to the rich.
  • 3. Curiosity and interest. With more and more young people joining the bowl, sugaring is regarded as a new form of fashion lifestyle.
  • 4. Eager to get care. Some young girls who are lack of necessary care, joining the bowl beasue they want to be spoiled.

4. Why do rich people go sugar dating?

Most sugar daddies are wealthy men who are often super busy and valued their privacy. They hope to have attractive women by their side whenever needed but don't want to share too many details of their personal life in public. Appropriately, sugar dating offers a perfect settlement scheme for rich men dating beauties. 'No strings attached' is the natural advantage of this tpye of relationship, which allows sugar daddies to enjoy a beautiful sugar baby’s nice company and have no future trouble to worry about. So there is no wonder why sugar dating is especially prevalent among the rich.

5. How people view sugar practice?

For these sugaring supporters, being a sugar baby is to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a rich and generous gentleman. The preconditions of all the sugar relationships are respect, feelings, independence, and no-strings-attached, not sexual interaction. This practice cannot be regarded as prostitution.

But in the view of sugar haters, being a sugar baby is another form of prostitution, and sugar babies are young women who are lazy and dependent. They rely on sugar for income and don't want to change the unfavorable situation through their own efforts.

In general, we cannot agree with the latter‘s view. There exists some essential difference between sugar dating and prostitution. Sugar baby is not a prostitute.

6. What does sugar baby do?

In order to benefit financially from the sugar relationship, a sugar baby need to do somethings for her daddy in return.
  • Spend time to stay with daddy.
  • Play the role of a girlfriend or mistress.
  • sexual interaction.
  • Business trips.
  • Attend formal banquets

7. Sugar baby benefits

  • Be spoiled like a princess.
  • Finacial support and never worry about money again.
  • Receive lot's of gifts and attention.
  • Say goodbye to the monotony of nine-to-five.
  • A life mentor and better career opportunities.
  • Enjoy shopping sprees, expensive dinners, and vacations.
  • Have independence in the relationship.

8. Sugar Baby's Lifestyle

Usually, sugar babies are young women like many others, not rich, with no complex relations. This is a group of young women who have a clear mind and know exactly what type of lifestyle they want. They may jump into the sugar bowl for various reasons, such as money troubles, a strong desire for a better life, curiosity, and personal interest.

In a typical baby's daily life, she is an ordinary college student or employee, doing her own stuff. But there is another side of her & she is at the same time a woman of mature mind who are dealing with one or more grown men.

The benefits of entering into a relationship with older men are very tempting, which makes her can afford the costs of clothes, tuition, rent, and other items. At least, she has no longer needs to worry about money. Besides these financial supports, there is another practice benefit of being a sugar baby is that she has the opportunity to get mentorship from successful people. You know, getting valuable guidance from the social elites face-to-face is a dream to many.

Of course, the sugar baby lifestyle is more than just benefits, the girl also needs to spend time to company her daddy and has sex with him whenever needed. A flexible schedule is what she needs because her sugar daddy is usually very busy with business. The sugar dates were often held in secret, her daddy may demand her to keep the specific terms of the relationship private. A successful sugar relationship is built based on mutual benefit, to make it in the bowl, so she will need to be able to have the relationship the two parties are both happy with.

Sugar baby expects independence in the relationship and wants to be spoiled like a princess, while sugar daddy wants to keep the relationship under control. It's not easy to balance the interests of both parties, so learn sugar culture to have a good theoretical base about relations maintenance is compulsory.

9. Should you become a sugar baby

Now, you get a rough idea about sugar babies, the next question is, should you become a sugar baby?

Well, it is not a difficult question to answer. If you have a strong desire for the sugar baby lifestyle and have the ability to to handle the problems that may happen in sugar dating, then being a sugar baby is not a bad option for you. To enter into this kind of relationship, does not require too much of your time and effort, but you need to have a strong sense of self, confidence and be mature. As long as you feel you have a passion for sugaring, why not have a try?

10. How to start sugar baby's lifestyle

To start your experience in sugar dating, there are several necessary steps you need to follow. Remember to take one step at a time.

  1. Learn the sugar culture and make sure you have a certain theoretical base.
  2. Make clear what you want and what you have.
  3. Create your sugar baby profile on sugar dating sites and social media.
  4. Search for your matches and shortlist the profiles you like.
  5. Start interacting with POTs, get to know each other better.
  6. Negotiate an initial contract, set up mutually beneficial arrangements.
  7. Whenever you feel comfortable and safe, arrange the first meetup.
  8. Enjoy your sugar baby lifestyle and benefit from the relationship.

Remember that everything can be discussed in advance, be clear about your expectations!

11. Legality and comparison to prostitution

There is a lot of argumentum about the legitimacy question of sugar dating in society. But one thing is for sure, there are no laws relating specifically to it, in other words, being a sugar baby is totally legal. So don't confuse sugar dating and prostitution, they are different in nature.

  1. Sugar dating is to build a dating-like relationship. Men spend money to get women‘s company. Prostitution is a pure transaction. Men spend money to buy sex.
  2. Sugar dating usually lasts for some time. Prostitution is just a one-time thing.
  3. Sugar dating focuses on mutual benefit, i.e., both of the two parts can get what they need. Prostitution only involves sex and intimacy, and the core of this practice is sex.
  4. Sugar dating base on respect and passion, sugar Baby has independence in the relationship. Prostitution base on money and prostitutes are man's plaything.