What is a Sugar Baby?

what is a sugar babyThe term sugar baby refers to an adult woman or man who is young, charming, intelligent and farsighted. A Sugar Baby knows exactly what he/she wants in life. In order to realize the lifestyle of pursuing their dreams, they actively seek opportunities to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with wealthy and successful people who are called sugar daddy or sugar mommy. While providing companionship, a sugar baby can get financial support, career guidance and care from their sugar daddy or sugar mommy in return. According to statistics from Sugardaddymeet.com in 2018, the average sugar Baby is 24 years old and makes $3,500 monthly. 43.5percent of them are in college. If this lifestyle appeals to you, continue to browse our site and learn how to be a sugar baby?

Sugar Baby Advice

As a sugar baby, you may encounter some unavoidable problems. Even if you're smart, allowing yourself to be guided by experienced sugar babies can still help you a lot.

• how to Be A Sugar Baby?
• Can You Be A Sugar Baby?
• How to Get A Sugar Daddy?
• 10 Most Important Things for Sugar Babies

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Sugar Baby lifestyle

How much do you know about the sugar bowl? Why do you want to be a sugar baby? Is it for the financial freedom, a mentor with class, or living the life others dream of? All those things may be strange to you, so first, let's get to know what the sugar baby lifestyle is!

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Sugar Baby Story

Every sugar baby has her/his own unique and valuable experience. By reading other people's stories, we can learn a lot and grow rapidly!

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Top 5 Sugar baby's favorite website

Sugardaddymeet.com →

Sugar Dadddy Meet is the most effective sugar baby dating site. It is the no.1 choice for sugar babies seeking arrangements and has been recommended by more than ten review websites. It is a sure way to find a sugar relationship.

Seeking.com →

Seeking is the most popular and influential sugar baby dating website with 10 million members who are spread across the world, including rich people from Asia, Europe, America etc. College sugar babies can enjoy preferential discounts.

MillionaireMatch.com →

If you just want to build a serious long-term relationship with successful people, then millionaire match is for you. Many sugar babies eventually find the true love after they leave the sugar bowl. You may need it one day.

sugardaddydatingclub.com →

offers reviews of top 10 sugar daddy dating sites,including costs, pros, cons, ratings and more. The site can help you choose the most suitable sugar daddy dating site from dozens of those available on the web. In the meantime, you can get some good dating advice by reading its blog.

Whatisasugarbaby.com →

a sugar baby online guideline. Our site provides the best suggestion and advice for sugar babies especially the newbies. Any problems that sugar babies care about can be answered here.

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  Sugar Baby Voice


Kayla 22

"I am a female college student from California, I was so tired of my student loan. I wanted to buy expensive cosmetics, go to a fancy restaurant for lunch and go to a star concert. After being a sugar baby, I realized these dreams. Now I'm enjoying my dream lifestyle!"


Alisa, 25

"I am a young woman who has just started her career. I was tired of the constraints of a 9-5 job. When I met my sugar daddy, I quit my boring job and started my trip to Europe. Every morning when I got up, I saw the beautiful scenery outside the window, which made me feel very satisfied."


Nancy, 21

"I am a woman full of desire for success. Recently, I have encountered many difficulties in my career. My sugar daddy has given me a lot of valuable advice to help me tide over the difficulties, and finally, I achieved good results. I am very grateful for him! "


Jack, 24

"I am a male sugar baby. I have always liked to be with older women. They are gentle and charming. I have known my sugar Mami for two years, during which I have received good financial support and meticulous care from her."

What is A Sugar Daddy?

Successful men who know what they want. They’re driven, and enjoy attractive company by their side. Money isn’t an issue, thus they are generous when it comes to supporting a Sugar Baby.

  Sugar Daddy Voice


Stephen, 27

"I have always been fascinated by women of Asian descent. Through sugar arrangements, I found my Asian sugar baby. She is gentle, beautiful and has a certain business mind. She accompanies me and gives me some good business advice. I am very glad to find such a perfect sugar baby!"


James, 35

"I have three jobs and earn half a million dollars a year. But I really hate being quiet looking at the empty room every night when I go back home. Through sugar daddy dating site, I met Vivian (my sugar baby), who accompanied me through the most lonely time. I enjoy every date with her. "


Jerry, 54

"For most young women, I'm too old and unattractive. But through sugar arrangements, I can get a lot of young and beautiful sugar babies to accompany me, and it feels really great! Of course, I would be happy to offer them a generous monthly allowance in return."


Blaine, 35

"I am a married person. Sometimes I wanted to get some pleasure, but I did not want to lose my wife. The only thing I wanted was a "webcam relationship", which satisfies my desire enough. Through sugar arrangements, I found an online sugar baby who brings me a lot of happiness. "