what is a sugar daddy ?

# The origin of the word "sugar daddy"

Sugar daddy was first mentioned in a 1953 movie called How to marry a millionaire. There's the line in the play, "I really wish I had a sugar daddy who can help me pay off this month's bills." From then on, sugar daddy equals to luxury gifts from old rich men, the commitment of the company's senior positions and pocket money that you should never use up.

According to Google's explanation,sugar daddy means: a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favours, more specifically, sugar daddies usually mean generous and mature men who have a successful life with high quality, high taste and high income. They are from different professions: entrepreneur, corporate senior manager, doctor, lawyer and so on, single or married.

At first, sugar daddy is old enough to be sugar babies’daddy, but as time goes by,  it could be any man who’s rich enough to attract young girls. Sugar daddies are usually busy with work and possess little time to pursue girls, so they tend to pay for girls’ loving companion, correspondingly, those girls are called sugar babies.

When people hear the word “sugar daddy”, they automatically imagine a rich old man with a beautiful and young arm candy. Nowadays, a sugar daddy is not necessarily old, nor extremely rich, On many sugar daddy website or app, you'll find that a lot of sugar daddy is young and attractive. They can be a millionaire, billionaire, a middle-class man. Sugar daddy relationships are increasingly popular for its convenience and up-front,more and more girls want to be a sugar baby, according to the statistics from Millionaire Match(The world's largest millionaire & sugar daddy website): only 1 in 4 girls can gets a sugar daddy's invitation. It suits any man who is financially stable, lonely or bored, looking for a companion or some excitement and fun, and women who are attractive and in need of money to enjoy finer things in life or make the ends meet.

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