How to get a sugar daddy ?

In previous articles, we have talked about both good and bad points of being a sugar baby and we also give some advice to sugar babies. I'm sure you are already clear about whether you can accept such kind of arrangement. If you still choose to be a sugar baby, then you may be wondering "how to find a sugar daddy ? "

Before answering you that, let's take a look at the survey conducted by another sugar daddy about "where should a sugar baby meet her sugar daddy ? "

1. Online dating websites(43.31%). Online dating has undoubtedly become the most convenient and effective way to find a sugar daddy. Among various dating websites, professional sugar daddy dating sites take up 63%, social sites 21% and other dating sites 16%.

  • Advantages : fast and convenient, wide coverage, and easy to find a sugar daddy
  • Disadvantages : personal information and pictures have to be public, not good for privacy
  • Cost : $10-$50

2. Intermediary agency(21.46%)

  • Advantages : targeted and the sugar daddy are real, more privacy for a sugar baby, more time and energy are saved
  • Disadvantages : expensive and narrow coverage
  • Cost : over $1,000

3. Peer recommendations(13.36%)

  • Advantages : verified by other sugar babies, more real, higher success rate
  • Disadvantages : you need to know other sugar baby, not suitable for a girl without experience
  • Cost : none, but not including the cost for attending some activities.

4. Parties, including cocktail party, high-end social dance(10.02%)

  • Advantages : free to go forward or back out, depending on your preferences to decide whether you want to continue with the man or not
  • Disadvantages : high requirements in terms of your appearance and charm, long term deal
  • Cost : none, but not including the cost for attending some activities.

5. Men you already know(company leaders or the rich men in your social circle)(7.51%)

  • Advantages : traditional, effective
  • Disadvantages : low success rate
  • Cost : none

6. Casual encounter at bars or pubs(3.33%)

  • Advantages : low entry barriers
  • Disadvantages : easy to meet liars, based on luck
  • Cost: none

7. Other ways(0.01%)

So it seems that online dating website is the best way to find a sugar daddy. Here are some effective ways on how to find a sugar daddy.

1. Preparation

First, be prepared in mentality. Know about the advantages and disadvantages as well as some rules of being a sugar baby, what is a sugar baby. What the most important thing is to know whether you are suitable to play this game.
Second, set your rules before receiving a sugar daddies' invitation, including age and marital status of the sugar daddy, open relationship or not, long-time company or regular dates as well as the requirements you can't accept. Among them, the most important thing is definitely payment.

2. Choose a sugar daddy website or a sugar daddy app

Prepare some flattering photos and try to show yourself more fully. Write your profile carefully, including your personality, merits, drawbacks and so on. Don't be shy. You are faced with a sugar daddy who has clear purposes. Show your position and write clearly the things you can't accept. This will avoid you unnecessary trouble and save you much time. Besides, signing up on more than one sugar daddy website will help the sugar daddy find you more easily.

3. Take the initiative

Once you are ready, you can begin your journey of finding a sugar daddy. If you want to be discovered by more sugar daddies, you'd better make the first move. According to a survey conducted by Millionaire Match, 1 in 4 girls can successfully get a sugar daddy. So unless You have superior conditions, don't be lazily waiting for a sugar daddy to knock your door.

4. Improve your chat skills

If are good at chatting, you can sift out many men who don't want to be your sugar daddy. There are a lot of men on the internet who don't want to support you. Instead, they just want to have conversations with you, which wastes you much time. So my suggestion is, don't be shy and directly tell the sugar daddy what kind of arrangement you need. And then you should talk about the specific issues like payment and dating time.

5. The first date

When you have reached an agreement on all the details, you can meet up in person for the first time. The first date is very important because you communicate only online. You should let the sugar daddy have a good impression of you so as to keep him giving you money for your company. Dress up carefully, have good manners and elegant gestures. If the first date is successful, the following dates will be smooth. If you are ambitious and you want to be a good sugar baby so that you can gain more payment, check how-to-be-a-sugar-baby.

The above are the methods of finding a sugar daddy online. Later, we will tell you other ways of meeting a sugar daddy. At last, thank Millionaire Match and for providing us the statistics.

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