How to be a good sugar baby?

Here we come to the discussion of how to be a good sugar baby. From previous introduction, I believe you already know what is a sugar baby. And it doesn't mean everything will be ok when you become a sugar baby. Apart from 10 most import tings for sugar babies, you should know how to be a good sugar baby.

  • Once you agree to accept a sugar daddy, you should be in full preparation. Don't be annoyed by his height, body shape, age, or look. Have a professional attitude. Care about him and accompany him sincerely.

  • After you have reached an agreement, don't change the rules easily. Allured by money at first, many girls will agree various special requirements of the sugar daddy without a second thought. But they are very regretable when it comes to actual service. So before you reach an agreement, think about the rules carefully and never change rules easily, especially your payment. Some girls are so greedy that they tend to ask more and more, which only gets the sugar daddy's aversion.

  • Stay beautiful and elegant. Your invitation from the sugar daddy mainly attributes to your physical appearance. When you have the arrangement from the sugar daddy, you'll get more money to spend on your appearance, which is also an investment in yourself. When you have better looks, your payment will increase accordingly and the sugar daddy will feel their money has good returns. So take some time on your hair, improve your makeup skill, frequent the gym, etc. That said, it doesn't mean you have to dress like a porn star in order to attract a sugar daddy. Most sugar daddies just like natural and enthusiastic sugar babies.

  • Have confidence in yourself. Don't belittle yourself and don't be dependent on a sugar daddy because of his money. It's a mutually beneficial trade between you and the sugar daddy. He pays you to get your company. Don't be shy. Some sugar daddy even needs you to guide him. Don't act like a little girl who relies on the sugar daddy's help for everything. This will make the sugar daddy feel pressured and you will lose your charm. Of course, being confident doesn't mean you should treat the sugar daddy rudely. It means you should play the leading role in the relationship with your sugar daddy. There are only professional sugar babies, no professional sugar daddies.

  • Stay enthusiastic. There might be the element of surprise or mystery like the dates between couples at first. But with time goes on, you'll stop being curious and expecting the dates with your sugar daddy and you may start to treat your dates with the sugar daddy carelessly. As a professional sugar daddy, you should always remember that you and the sugar daddy don't have a love affair. Don't add to personal feelings into your relationship. What you should do is to offer your service and get your rewards. Thus, please keep the same enthusiasm and patience from the first date to the last one.

  • Try to make good use of the sugar daddy. This isn't about getting money or help from him but about using his social resources to help you improve yourself. Try to understand your sugar daddy, including his specialty, his background, his power of influence, his social network, etc. Since his is willing to help you financially, he will help you in other ways. The assistance in finance is a one-time thing, but the help in your career will benefit you for a life time.

  • Expand other sources of income. When you have a sugar daddy, money will no longer be your trouble. But it's not wise to be dependent on your sugar daddy 100%. Once you lose the support of a sugar daddy, how will you live on? Therefore, you have to create your own career with the financial and human resources provided by your sugar daddy to get rid of the total dependency on sugar daddy.

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