What is a sugar baby?

Sugar babies are girls who’d like to accept sugar daddies, They get a lot of money from their daddies, in return, they should keep company with their daddies.

The origin of the word "sugar baby"

Sugar baby is a derivative, as opposed to the word "sugar daddy". Sugar daddy was first mentioned in a 1953 movie called How to marry a millionaire. There's the line in the play, "I really wish I had a sugar daddy who can help me pay off this month's bills." From then on, sugar daddy equals to luxury gifts from old rich men, the commitment of the company's senior positions and pocket money that you should never use up. If as girl has a sugar daddy, she is called a sugar baby. A sugar baby uses her sugar daddy for his money, but of course the sugar daddy gets some service in return. The meaning of "service" is intriguing. Today, this thing can be simply explained as young girls being supported by rich men.

Once this has been clarified, it's not hard to understand related words like sugar mummy, sugar son, sugar doughter, etc. They are all about arrangement. The only difference is the relationship between a supporter and the one who is supported.

So as for the service a sugar baby should offer, what exactly should the sugar baby do? Of course, they need to provide companionship, go on dates with sugar daddies regularly, accompany the daddies to various accasions and go out to travel, etc. Some sugar daddies only need the company and care of babies, while some others hope to establish serious relationship with sugar babies and many of them have become life-long partners. There are also daddies who only want to have sex with babies and pay for each time. Some babies and daddies can't even tell each other's name.

Certainly, a sugar baby's pay is lucrative. Their average monthly income is $10,000-50,000. Some even earn over $100,000 per month and often receive expensive gifts from sugar daddies. They can frequent fancy restaurants, attend luxury parties, travel to their dreaming places and afford concert tickets of super stars. Anyway, once you become a sugar baby, you no longer have to work hard and worry about money.

That said, it's good to be a sugar baby. So what are the drawbacks of being a sugar baby?

  • You probably have to have sex with someone you don't like.
  • Sugar daddies are usually older than you. Some can be very old.
  • Sugar dating is not normal relationship. It's more like a deal. It's not fair and upright and sometimes you have to keep it private.
  • You may not hope your friends or family know that you are a sugar baby. They will not understand you.
  • Some sugar daddies will have abnormal requirements that you might not be able to accept.

So if you are not ready to be a sugar baby, please close this website immediately. Keep up your present routines. Go back to study or be engaged with your work. If you have determined to be a sugar baby, however, continue your journey on our website. You will know anything you have to know about a sugar baby.

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